16 April 2010

speaking of spring (the 'hood in bloom)

one of our favorite aspects of living in sunny southern california is that no matter what season it is, something is in bloom- if nothing else, one can always count on the omnipresent bougainvillea to provide clouds of color virtually year round; but the advent of spring means almost everything that can produce a bloom is producing a bloom, and there is a riot of color all over los angeles at the moment. we took our new point n' shoot with us while walking mona 'round the hood justs before dusk this evening to test out it's auto focus by pointing it at the random pretty flowers we encountered. we give the scenery (and the weather) an "a" and the auto focus a solid "b"- not perfect, but good enough for m21's basic needs...
hoping spring is bustin' out in your neck of the woods too! happy post-tax weekend!


Margaret said...

Lovely; looks like old Hollywood.

Marija said...

Totally jealous over here in totally chilly Chicago where barely a branch is blooming. Not sure if it's you or the camera that deserves the credit but your pics are terrific ;)