16 March 2012

dinner at george smith...

last evening, jill seidner of the material girls blog, and i were fortunate enough to attend a glamorous sit-down dinner in the george smith showroom, complete with cocktails, a jazz singer, and multiple delish courses by chef keven lee of my world on a plate (the crab & the shortribs were particularly tasty) . now, if y'all don't know who george smith, llc is, they are *the* purveyors of fine english bespoke upholstered furniture, still bench made with traditional materials, like boar bristles and duck down; if you've ever oohed and aahed over an insanely beautiful tufted easy chair, chaise or chesterfield in house beautiful or elle decor, chances are it was made by the skilled craftsmen at george smith.

here's some pictures of our evening- don't be too jelly ;-)
since george smith offers bespoke furniture, most pieces in the showroom are in white muslin- so of course my eye was drawn to the one super colorful vignette featuring raoul textiles for george smith fabrics. juicy.
a selection of GS upholstered goods in front of backdrop by bennison, a line of chic english wallcoverings and textiles exclusively available through george smith. i know lots of you girls will be dying over those traditional english rose prints, right?
love this bubble glass chandelier by best & lloyd, yet another of the fab anglocentric lines GS carries. the best & lloyd line is kinda delicious, so be sure to click the link.

living in los angeles, i don't often get starstruck, after all you can find yourself at starbucks or teh gas station standing next to a oscar winner; but meeting pamela samshiri of commune design, one of my los angeles design crushes, left me a lil tongue-tied. damn, those kids from commune are cool...
GS made up 50 brand spanking new custom dining chairs, covered in their signature sumptuous velvets just for the party- kinda cool right? i asked to take home six of these chic 40's moderne inspired wooster chairs as part of my gift bag. they thought i was joking. i wasn't.
since i was talking home the wooster chairs, we decided jill could have a set of these glammy tufted "dominic" chairs. again, they laughed, but we weren't kidding- dining chairs make great party gifts, dontchathink?
we may not have got new dining chairs, but they were nice enough to send us home with fabulously functional sturdy canvas totes as gift bags (looks just like the tote i schlep my crap samples & stuff in every day to meetings). nice, right? though i'll gladly trade it for the dining chairs, since if i had guests over right now they'd have to sit on the floor as *my* last set of dining chairs are now in a client's home!
thanks george smith for the lovely evening! a pleasure getting to know you and your brand a bit better... and call me for the address to ship the chairs to, k? what the heck-  i'll even come pick 'em up!


red ticking said...

i'm drooling... love george and benninson... and the cute tote... fun post! love your humor... xx pam

maison21 said...

why does everyone think i'm joking about the chairs? ;-)

MJH Design Arts said...

I know that you are not kidding as I want at least 6 of those tufted icy blue velvet chairs, too! Have a super nesting week-end and enjoy the rain. Mary

the designers muse said...

Very jealous! Love George Smith..and the gorgous blue velvet chairs...I'll take 6 too!

Katya said...

Very very very cool!