24 March 2012

how do i feel about blogs copying other blogs? (w/ fort street studio)

sometimes, i LIKE it!
my new bff, tula, of whorange, looking ever so adorbs in front of a beautiful fort street studio rug.
me, blatantly copying, two days later.
thanks to vinh deep of fort street studio, makers of exquisite rugs, for playing along with me. btw, LOVE the two colorful abstract watercolor-esque rugs, tula & i posed in front of, but the rug below was the number that got me all hot 'n bothered. i fell for its totally modern in your face pattern, but it's so reminiscent of traditional rug patterns, i can totally see it working with antiques and transitional pieces as well as more modern pieces. try not to freak out about the intense, near op art effect of the overall pattern, because remember, when in a room, rugs have furniture over two thirds of the exposed area so the intensity would be dialed way back. i mean a big, traditional chesterfield and some club chairs on top- too chic!
more westweek market pics to come!


Karena said...

Amazing rugs!! You and your BFF look good in front of these artful creations!

I hope you will come and see my feature on an amazing sculptor!

Art by Karena
Artists Series 2012

Christy said...

Love the rugs. And fun photos of you and your friend in front of the rugs!!

Have a great weekend!

Donna said...

How fun! Love the last one especially!!

tula said...

Hi BFF! Who makes a million dollar rug look even more luxurious? You and me, that's who!

Love you! xoxo