26 March 2012

i dunno what it is, but i LIKE it (westweek pick from espasso)

it's billed as a "coat hanger", but it's really just a phenomenal piece of large scale sculpture (which would look TERRIFIC in my entry btw- i have the height!). currently on display in the espasso showroom, "mandacaru" was designed by carlos motta, a brazilian designer who has designed many other chic (and slightly more functional) furniture pieces for the espasso line. there is a floorlamp by motta in a similar vein that i am currently jonesing for as well.

i think it might be my favorite thing on display at the PDC during westweek. crazy cool, and i was told it might soon be auctioned at phillips-de pury so i better start saving my sheckels!


artluvr said...

I am pretty sure I saw something similar years ago in a photo spread of the S&M room at Plato's Retreat...

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Christian, It is really, really cool--but doesn't look very comfortable. Mary

mikky said...

Wow that is original. Hate to trip and fall on it, but I like it too. Would love to see it in neons!
Nice looking blog you have here.


Katrina Lynn said...

"Astro antelope" interpretive coat rack. Thats what I'm calling it... :)