29 March 2012

spring color II (more westweek picks)

more color and pattern picks from our westweek adventure (pardon the blurry iphone pix. i tried):

we were blown away by this watercolor stripe from harlequin, available through nancy corzine.

comes in a fabric as well.

we also loved this print on dupioni, again from harlequin, available through nancy corzine.
chic chinoiserie print, dara, from manuel canovas. crap blurry iphone photo, i know
a detail from the canovas website, so you can actually see how pretty is is. 
christian lacroix for designers guild at osborne & little. how pretty would this be in a ladies dressing room, or even a sophisticated nursery for a little girl?
here is is from the designer's guild website, so you can see how beautiful it is in its entirety. this is the sort of fabric you can't just see a swatch of, you need to see it on a wing. 
another favorite was this inkblot ikat, again by christian lacroix for designers guild at osborne & little
so painterly pretty, yet modern and edgy. loves it, i does.
more to come kids!


Paola said...

Ah I'm so glad I signed up to receive emails of your posts - remembering to check blogs I love was overwhelming! Something about the way you write is very cheerful in spirit, great post :)

J and V said...

Dying over all if them! What incredible colors!

Bromeliad said...

Love what you found, especially the watercolor. I want to DIY it now.

Also impressed you shared the same oxygen space with John Robshaw.