02 March 2012

thank you RUE! (bear with me, here...)

so i wanted to thank these four kick-ass ladies:

for including lil ol' m21 in a fun question and answer on pg 36 of the latest issue of their amazing mag, rue:

i was honored to be included in the bloggers side by side feature; more honored to find out that i'd be side by side with fabulous uncle beefy of the bedlam of beefy, and yet even more honored when i found out that uncle beefy and i would be the first ever boys to be included in this feature, for a "blog-tastic bro-down".

though i have to admit, when i heard that uncle beefy and i, two gay gentlemen of a certain age, were being included in the issue together, this clip of the ever hysterical alec baldwin on 30 rock was the very first thing i thought of...

thanks again, rue, for allowing me to "bear with you".  ;-) now go check out the latest issue if you haven't already!



Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Congratulations, Christian. Well they knew who to start with, didn't they?
Happy Friday.

maison21 said...

you are so sweet, teresa! have an awesome weekend!

maison21 said...

you are so sweet, teresa! have an awesome weekend!

anita said...

yay for you!
(*both* of you guys had cartoon characters as first celebrity crushes!! - Ha!)


MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Christian--you were my first blog love (and still are)--CONGRATULATIONS!! MARY

maison21 said...

awww, mary, that's so sweet! thank you for your friendship over the years!

katiedid said...

Yay! It was the best thing in the magazine, which was full of good things. Congrats to a blog I read always (and facebook for the really good stuff!)

Uncle Beefy said...

Gay? Of a certain age? Don't tell my wife! She likes that I'm just 19. ;)

It was awesome being featured with you, Mr. Christian! But, am I to assume that Alec Baldwin would have been your first choice? Don't worry. I understand. ;)

And, yes, Anita! Isn't it weird that we both had cartoon characters as first crushes?!

Velvet and Linen said...

Loved your answers!
Missed your apple cheeks :)

It was great seeing you the other night at Harbinger. I wish we had more time to chat...


tula said...

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Oh, this totally made my day! Congrats to you, darling Christian, and my favorite Uncle! The best of the best!