20 March 2012

maison21 does westweek!

on wednesday, march 21st & thursday march 22nd, please join me in the shadow of this (the blue building of the pacific design center actually, but the red building is new, and thus exciting):

to attend cool panels like this:
one of the great keynotes during westweek- for a complete list, click here. everyone is invited, btw, so come on down!

m21'll be there of course, as the PDC invited me as part of the “best design voices in LA”, a group of LA's top social media supahstars, including these lovely ladies:

Vanessa of Turquoise

Tamara of House of Honey
Alissa of The Goods Design

Jill of the Material Girls, Los Angeles!
(who i stole all these logos from- thx jill!)

if you're gonna be at teh PDC, please say hello- i'll be the super-duper handsome, bearded, gentleman with a glass in my hand, and a smile on my face (and if you don't see me, trust, you'll hear me- imma loud one!):
remember, if you can't attend westweek in person to suck down a plastic cup of cheap fine wine with me, you can still be part of the highlights if you follow along on twitter & facebook- we'll do our best to put down our glass every once in a while, and tweet out a picture or two! ;-)


A guy and a girl said...

Love your picture in this post! So cute!!

shiree segerstrom said...

Have fun tomorrow. You will be, no doubt, "swave" and "deboner". Teasing. Suave and debonair. Shiree'

Marisa/Stylebeat said...

Enjoy every minute hanging with my favorite LA crowd!!

maison21 said...

wish y'all were here to join in the fun!