27 October 2010

contact @cb2

so we had a quick dash through the new(ish) cb2 store in santa monica today, and came very close to buying a couple of the below "contact" stools even though a) we have absolutely nowhere to put them, and b) they don't go with our current decor one little bit.  this is what happens when you have a shopping addiction!  but luckily, we shop for clients frequently, so while they didn't come home with us today, maybe we'll find a good home for them in the future- so stylish, and at $129.00 each, they are practically free!
a lil industrial + a lil prouvé = lots o' style

we also loved this enameled table trio- again, a big ol' bargain at $129!
pebble tables
we must have been in an industrial mood, because these sconces caught our eye as well.  we even don't mind the cord-  we'd just let it hang, and be all european n stuff.
hinge sconce- $79 dollahs
much more cuteness to be had in the store, but we are out of patience to edit photos, so stop in when you are in the neighborhood, or hit up cb2 online!


1 comment:

Debra Phillips said...

pebble tables are to die for......but where to put them???
thanks christian