19 October 2010

peter pennoyer architects

a book title that should be on every architecture and design enthusiast's xmas list this year is peter pennoyer architects: apartments, townhouses, country houses by anne walker (vendome press).  m21 devoured his copy last night, and now has a new goal in life: to do the interiors of a building designed by peter pennoyer architects!  sure, we'd probably junk it up with lots of bold color, some shiny, shiny brass and chrome (and maybe a giant rubber foot or two), but classical architecture this pretty compliments any decor, so our own rather, ahem, eclectic style shouldn't be a problem... ;-)

as the title says, the book consists of 20 projects spanning mr. pennoyer's career- apartments, townhouses and country houses-  in styles ranging from adirondack to spanish colonial revival, with the most spectacular pieces designed in a traditional, classical architectural style where pennoyer's talent is unsurpassed.  he is a master of proportion and detail, and the king of the dramatic, light-filled stairwell!

while we were reading the volume, we kept marveling that the images of new construction and interior renovations mr. pennoyer orchestrated were all built in the 1990's and 2000's, but the craftsmanship looks to be of another century- simply breathtaking. we are in awe. 
pennoyer also believes in the physical act of sketching with pencil and paper in order to train the mind to visualize, and we couldn't agree more- a sense of proportion is lost when only using a computer, and this kind of old world attention to craft is plainly evident in his work, even the renderings and sections of his buildings have detail and style that seems of another era, not this day of computer generated images.

if you like the images we've shared, m21 says order this book today- it'll knock yer socks off.


mydesignchic said...

Wow...what a gorgeous book. I must add this one to my ever growing collection!!

Heidiopia said...

Beautiful-- I love architectural sketches. They reveal the creative process in a way computerized renderings never will. Headed to Amazon to snatch this one up NOW! (I can't wait for Christmas ;-)!)

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Such a beautiful book. Love the doors, window, stairways and everything else.. Just gorgeous.
Thank you for sharing, Christian.

jones said...

Pennoyer's work is so pure. I love the chandelier in the first photo. I can imagine a wall hung entirely with his framed renderings done in sepia. thanks. Mary

La Maison Fou said...

Love those staircases and the outdoor pic of the garage(s)....
Nicely done!