10 October 2010

the wish list: tommi parzinger tea set

there is an ever growing list of pretty things m21 covets, things he is hoping his inner junque whisperer® will find one day at an out of the way estate sale or dusty antique shop.  so today, in the tradition of empress oprah's "the secret", we are going to start posting pictures of those objects we lust after, in the hopes of having them walk into our life. (we were going to call this feature "gee, i have no idea what to get m21 for xmas", but oprah advised us that it sounded a bit materialistic, and the secret might not work if we get too greedy.  to which we replied, "sure, empress oprah, whatever you say" thinking to myself with a heavy eye roll "greedy seemed to have worked out alright for you, miss thing! i bet santa brings you whatever YOU want for xmas!).
tommi parzinger tea set
having this tommi parzinger tea set on display at the atelier would make us very, very happy.  those little tulip finials on top make us feel all squishy inside- seriously.  you'll probably see lots of tommi parzinger stuff on the wish list, as he is one of our true design heroes, and we've coveted this set since we were a little boy (ok- we had no idea who he was when we were a little boy, but if we had, we would have asked santa for it, to be sure).  to see more tommi fabulousness without waiting for m21 to post more wishes, check out the palumbo gallery in NYC on 1stdibs- their selection is unsurpassed.


Amy Benton said...

Alright, honey... I've been reading for a while, and yes- this is THE post. Forcing me out of lurkerdom. The one that has me jumping out of my chair and shouting (randomly) "HALLELUJAH!" to the man down the hall who is, unfortch in this moment, not you. But I'm shouting loudly enough that you might catch the last strains of my excitement. And hoping that you feel my virtual high-five. :)

To a very large extent I was raised by my grandparents, and because of their good taste? I did know Tommi's work as a young girl! I've never looked back, and I have CERTAINLY not stopped coveting! Vive Le Parzinger, oui?! xx

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love anything to do with tea, and this set is amazing! Hope someone is watching.
Have a nice Monday.

jones said...

Hi Christian, I love that Tommi tea (coffee) set and completely understand the word "lust" after looking at it. As for Oprah--the ego, yes she does get everything she wants for Christmas. I "only" want the tea set is not greed, it is called focus. Thanks for making me laugh as Jones and I get ready for the schlep to work.

Margaret said...

Good taste! Love to see this chrome design around a fireplace.

Suzy said...

Christian - if you had that set I would fly to LA now just to have tea with you!