19 October 2010

want: cocoon fires fireplace

this chicly space-age ethanol burning fireplace from cocoon fires is so damned cool, m21 is tempted to brick up his existing fireplace just so he has an excuse to buy one!  heck, we might just save our sheckels and buy one for our fireplace-less bedroom- you know for those three nights a year when it's freezing cold here in los angeles. a much more romantic way to stay warm then central heat, dontchathink? we love that it can be used anywhere- inside or out, no chimney needed!

side note- it it just me, or does this lil freplace look a little like great gazoo from the jetsons?

coolness found via designalogue


Margaret said...

Meet space age cocoon fireplace! LOVE that it's portable, too. I'm betting they're "Jestons" fans, too!

Seraph said...

But can you use it to toast marshmallows?