23 November 2010

middle aged dream

so i ordered the super-skinny jeans (and loved all the feedback, pro and con- thank you!)  please know though i'm keeping it teenaged on the bottom, imma always keep it adult appropriate up top.

i might get your heart racing
in my skin-tight jeans
be your middle aged dream tonight

let you put your hands on me
in my skin-tight jeans
be your middle aged dream tonight

*thanks to the empress of fashion blog for making the katy perry-maison21 connection.  may you think of my age inappropriate jeans whenever you hear her song.

and have a super skinny thanksgiving, k?


Paul Anater said...

Can skin-tight jeans counteract the effects of receding gums and presbyopia? If so then I'd like a pair too.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

You are too much, Christian. I guess we will see them when you get them, haha.

Slim Paley said...

Dear Poultry Gams
Well Done!
As far as I'm concerned, if my only alternative to age- inappropriate jeans is "Mom Jeans" I'm wearing skinny jeans all the way into the Old Folk's Home
(perhaps one size bigger at some point, to accommodate "Depends" )

Concrete Jungle said...

You'll look great!, just hope Thanksgiving doesn't make them uncomfortable...have a great day.

Bringing Pretty Back said...

Just found your blog. Hilarious! LOVE it!
Have a Pretty Day!