29 November 2010

my favorite accessory (some things never change)

take a look at the four following pictures of our dining room here at the atelier, taken over the last five years or or so. if you look carefully, you'll note that while the furniture changes frequently, one thing always remains the same...

the centerpiece on our dining table is the one thing in the room we'll never change:

it's a vintage murano bowl, filled with a collection of japanese fishing floats my navy captain father fished out of the pacific while commanding his ships on their tours of duty. sure, it has sentimental value, but even as a child, baby m21 was captivated by the aesthetics of the floats- the playful bubble shapes they formed as a group, combined with the bright colors and a bit of sparkle, made them seem quite glamorous and chic to young moi.

as an adult, m21 still loves them so much, we try to incorporate them in client's homes whenever possible:

we think they are a great way to bring a bit of color and sparkle to your home year round, and we particularly love them this time of year- they are fantastic holiday decor that doesn't club you over the head and scream "it's christmas, dammit!". 

in fact, we just put a together a small collection of the floats destined for a client's holiday table by purchasing an assortment of new and vintage floats on ebay. the new floats were sold as a group in netting, and were waaaaaaay to tiki-esque, so we simply cut off the net and threw it away:

and fluffed it out with a couple of these from cb2:

add in a vintage thick lucite bowl from our own collection (but any plainish decorative bowl will do), and it's a colorful, modern accessory, ready to grace our client's holiday table (though we'll be using it year-round) as soon as we drop it off!


Karena said...

Wonderful story, Christian about your centerpiece!

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Art by Karena

Things That Inspire said...

I love Japanese floats - I discovered them last year (and remember your comment on my post inspired by my find). I have them in different places around the house - most recently a few were placed on the mantel in my bedroom - and they make me happy every time I see them!

Margaret said...

Your dad had an eye before these were appreciated, or scarce. Love how you keep your centerpiece a constant, like a tribute to your dad, as well to ecology. Your post has now made them even more rare to find!

katiedid said...

I love 'em. And they work for the Holidays too!