18 November 2010


keeping pretty good faith to the 1950's designed original, the fiat 500 is about to launch in the us.  while not for everyone, m21 thinks it's a great example of 'so ugly it's cute':
the fiat 500, 2010 style

the original fiat 500- so darn cute it looks like it could talk!

whaddawe think?  a mini-success? or 2ugly2bcute?


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Nothing ugly about this car to me! LOVE it!

sanctuaryhome said...

I'd prefer a bit more of a retro paint job and more understated wheels. Overall, cute!

Ashley said...

Love it! And wishing I was in the market for a new car!

Debbie@Vintage Scout Interiors said...

Looks like a VW and a SmartCar had a baby.

jones said...

Hi Christian--When I lived in Spain, the Fiat 500 was everyone's go to car---peppy, cute/ugly and never broke down and didn't use any gas. I'm so glad that we are finally seeing Fiat in the US.

Bromeliad said...

Just ugly.

The old one is a cutie pie though.

Brillante Home Decor said...

Well, being Italian of course I LOVE "La Cinquecento" also because she brings back so many wonderful memories of my youth...being vintage myself I even remember "La Topolino" (Micky Mouse). Anyway I particularly love the new 500 convertible.