11 November 2010

veterans, we salute you

today we honor all veterans, including my dad, a real american hero.


Margaret said...

What a wonderful father, Christian! He raised you well. Have you visited the National WWII Memorial in DC? I had the privilege to walk the grounds with my dad who was a civilian on the during WWII, was on the PT boats in the South Pacific fixing their radios. He met my mom in NOLA, married her in 1946, and later his job took us to DC in 1959. Our paths may have crossed, as well as our dad's. Thanks for sharing this story.

Divine Theatre said...

I have a thank you card for your Dad. I have passed out over 2,ooo so far, whenever I recognize a veteran either by his baseball cap or license plates. I have stopped traffic many a time inorder to shake the hand of a veteran!
To your dad I say thanks, we will never forget your sacrifice. I promise!