22 November 2010

the tao of ted

tonight was the christmas tree lighting ceremony at the grove, which closes with a grand fireworks finale, and ted didn't approve of that one bit- he let me know this by loudly barking at the window where he thought the sound was coming from, not letting up until the fireworks stopped. frankly this surprised me, because up until tonight, he's been an almost silent dog, letting out the occasional yelp of excitement at a treat, but that's about it. i've even joked i should change his name to val- short for valium- because he is the least excitable dog i've ever met.  his little mad dog barking session made me realize that while we've been together for almost six months now,  his personality is still emerging.  it also made me realize it was time for a ted update!

this is how he looks at me all day long- aren't i cute and lovable? yes, you are lil buddy. yes, you are.
one of the biggest hurdles we've crossed is that when i first got him, he was terrified of cars- on walks he'd often just stop and plant his feet to the ground when a car was going by, and god forbid if i actually tried to get him to get into my car- to the casual observer, it would look like i was kidnapping him, he struggled so fiercely! now he gets in quite happily- with a catch: first, i have to pantomime that i am getting in the passenger side, then he'll hop right in. i trained him by crawling inside, showing him by example it was safe, and then tempting him to join me with a treat or five.  well, i don't need treats anymore, and i don't have to actually physically crawl in anymore, but i still need to at least pretend to get in a little bit, or no go- he'll sit on the curb all day and stare at me...
this is ted being needy- except you can't hear the softly whining soundtrack, or see the tail furiously wagging.  it is both completely pathetic and completely adorable, depending on my mood. he acts like he's never received any attention in his whole life- well, for at least 15 minutes!
ted and richard now get along fine, with richard showing much more interest in ted, then vice versa. in fact, ted doesn't show much interest in anything- he ignores richard's attempts to play with him, as well as ignoring all other dogs on walks;  he rarely even acknowledges humans either- though he does let other people pet him, but doesn't react much when they do.  i should have qualified to say ted doesn't pay attention to anything except me, and then his attention is rather laser focused: he must be within a foot of me at all times (when i'm home), preferably touching me if possible, and if my attention should wander from him- you know like when i'm actually trying to get work done- he'll remind me of his presence by by jumping up on me and whining to get my attention.  i shoo him away, and he's fine for 20 minutes or so, then back to let me know, yes he is still under the desk, and yes, he'd appreciate a little love if i could spare it. a little annoying but pretty darn lovable too.  i know in time, his neediness will fade a bit, and that right now, he still needs a extra little reassurance; in fact, it's worked out pretty good, as i've needed him pretty badly over the last six months as well...

this is smiling ted. the smiles are rare, like rainbows, and usually only appear during walks, snack times, or extreme snuggle sessions.
one area where ted has excelled since the day i got him, is his ability to snuggle. every night, he sleeps in his doggy bed until i crawl into my human one, then as soon as i pull the covers up, he is running across the room, tail wagging to dive bomb me and burrow his head into the crook of my arm, where he will happily stay all night long if i let him.  if i decide i need some space, and move him away, when i next wake, i'll find him right back in the same spot, nose buried into my stinky armpit, softly snoring away.

all and all, i'd say the m21 family is doing pretty well at this six-month milestone, and i am looking forward to how much things will change over the next six- it will only get better!


Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I loved getting an update on Ted. Each dog has it's own quirks. I'm surprised he likes sleeping that close. Usually long haired dogs don't. My Violet only does when its really cold. But the short hairs love snuggling in.

It sounds like you are his entire world.

jones said...

Hi Christian, You are giving me hope. My latest adoptee has decided that life under-the-covers with me is the only way to sleep; as for me, I wake up all in a knot (Jones sleeps at my feet and it is a tight fit). Luxie has also decided that it is now too cold to go outside to pee???? Excuse me. But what are you supposed to do with a 9 lb. bundle of cuddles: try, try, try. Jones is thrilled with his little buddy--HE FINALLY HAS HIS OWN PERSONAL BABY! Sending photos separately. Thanks for the update. Mary

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Oh this is so cute, just like Ted. Doggies are so perfect. What is Ted getting from Santa Claus?
Have a nice day.

shiree segerstrom said...

Good boy Ted. Riley and Mr. Spreckles said to say hello. Christian, I found the cutest plaid jackets for my boys. They look more like horse blankets really. Hope this finds you well! Your fellow dog and blog lover, Shiree'

Erika said...

What a great update! Snuggles to Ted and Richard. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

tula said...

You're such a good daddy, Christian! I can't believe it's been six months. Thank you for the Ted update. He sure is one sweet-faced little fellow.

Velvet and Linen said...

Ted is so cute!
I love this update. There is nothing more comforting than snuggling up with your pup.
Bebe sleeps next to my head. I'm not sure who is more comforted by it. We both breath a calming sigh when we hop into bed.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to the m21 family :)


maison21 said...

ted sends a snuggle to each and every one of you!