12 March 2010

bull in a china shop (kelly wearstler party @tableart)

this evening, maison21 had the pleasure of joining up with the los angeles correspondent for the material girls blog, the delightful jill seidner, to attend a party at table art in honor of kelly wearstler's modern and pretty china designs for pickard.

a kelly wearstler/pickard china table setting. pretty.

the party was also a book signing for ms wearstler's fabulous book, hue, and even though we already own a copy, we decided to take advantage of this smaller and less crowded event to buy another and actually work up the nerve to have it signed by kelly- can't have too many books in the old design library anyhoo, right?

a candid shot of ms. wearstler looking fabulous in chunky jewelry, a fur vest, skinny jeans and tall leather boots, as she tries to figure out why this freaky character is asking for his book to be inscribed with an odd combination of letters and numbers. "what does 'm21' stand for?" ms wearstler politely asked, and i replied "i write a little design blog called maison21 and m21 is shorthand for the title". "that's nice", ms. wearstler hesitantly mumbled, as she looked around for security to escort the weirdo away if he caused trouble... ;-) (photo surreptitiously snapped by jill on her iphone- thank you, jill!)

so have you ever been so nervous about doing something embarrassing, that you cursed yourself into doing the very thing you were trying to avoid? well, during the party, m21 was so self conscious about bumping into one of the tables set with thousands of dollars worth of china (we can be a bit of a bull in china shop sometimes), that we concentrated on not getting within 20 feet of one of the china displays. we should have paid the same attention to the empty wine glass in our hand, as we ended up gesticulating while telling a story and sending it crashing loudly to the concrete floor. sadly, ms wearstler might just remember who we are next time- NOT the way we wanted that to happen!

ms. wearstler's pretty designs for pickard, available at tableart.

after m21's embarrassing lack of coordination, jill and i beat a hasty retreat from the party, and ended our evening at a los angeles stalwart, cobras and matadors for tapas and a bottle of wine- always great fun to catch up with a fellow decorator, blogger and friend! and we are proud to report m21 made it through the entire meal without breaking or spilling a thing!


hello gorgeous said...

Awwww, it's okay, M21 - you looked fabulous, too. That's what she'll remember.

Now please explain to me why a table with expensive china has napkin rings? Am I to assume the guests will be returning night after night and will need to save their used napkins?


Hysterical! I love the "candid" photo of you and Kelly--you need to send her a jpeg and get her to start reading (guest blogging?!?)your amazing blog. Sounds like you had much more fun at your after party-have a great weekend. Barbara

maison21 said...

thanks, gorgeous! and i think the napkin rings aren't there for any practical purpose, just to look pretty.

barbara- somehow i think between running a bazillion dollar bizness, and being a wife and mother of two kids, i think kelly would tell me to take a long walk off a short bridge if i suggested she guest post here at maison21- but what the heck: kelly if you read this, come on by- we'd love to have you! ;-)

you guys have a good weekend too!

Karena said...

Oh M 21, these things are just little mishaps and every hostess expects them!! You are great and don't let anyone make you feel differently.

I am already getting a little nervous and giddy about meeting Eddie and Jaithan next Saturday!! Details on my site.

Art by Karena

jones said...

Bulls are known to be sexy. Have a great week-end. Mary

Habitually Chic said...

I hope you don't break anything when I'm in town! LOL!

Marija said...

Nothing to do with your post except to say I love the way you write - witty and relaxed. Well I will also say that I love that you snuck a picture, bought the second book and made it out without major mishap. Great post. Marija

The Shiny Pebble said...

You are hillarious. Enjoyed reading thru.

nicole said...

i freakin love those dishes, at least you didnt break those.

And how hot is Kelly? Did you ever see the pics of her in playboy? WOW. I would really love to hear the story of how playboy came into her life...

The Goods Design said...

Sounds hilarious! Wish I had been invited!

I went to a Thom Filicia book signing today and felt like I said the dopiest stuff when I met him. Happens to us all.