29 March 2010

nobody walks in LA (chic @trina turk)

the trina turk boutique on third st., an early kelly wearstler project still looking pretty fresh after all these years, and proof that good design needn't cost a fortune. (photo from the trina turk website).

a week ago thursday, after m21 picked up his good friend, heather clawson of habitually chic, at the airport and once we got her settled into her hotel, he knew just what a girl wants when she first arrives for vacation in a new city: a quick bite to eat, followed by... shopping! and we couldn't think of much more quintessentially los angeles destination then the 3rd st shopping area, specifically a yummy lunch and people watching al fresco at joans on third, followed by a visit to the nearby kelly wearstler designed trina turk boutique. trina started her career here in los angeles before becoming a well-known international label, and in our opinion, her fashions embody the colorful, relaxed glamour of southern california...

joan's on third- a fabulous local spot for brunch or lunch. save room for dessert, as the sweets are not to be missed! (photo from the joan's on third website)

after lunch, we drove up the street to trina's, which cracked heather up immeasurably- she couldn't believe we got in the m21mobile to drive the four blocks up the street. truthfully, it never even occurred to us to walk - after 20 years, m21 is pretty much a native angeleno, and it's simply a fact: nobody walks in LA, or a least walks four whole blocks, that is... ;-)

mah gurl power shopping. if m21 was a chick, he'd be a trina girl for sure.

since m21 ain't a girl (much), he'll have to settle for trina's colorful home accessories line, and for holding the purse of a friend while she's in the dressing room.

what cracked m21 up is that while at the trina turk boutique, the lone employee in the shop was both helpful, and constantly doing other tasks- merchandising, pricing, etc.- when not assisting chic and i. we asked if she was the manager, 'cuz we'd never seen a salesperson alone in a shop be that attentive and industrious- normally they are on their cellphones or facebook, and it's near impossible to get some help. trina, give your manager a raise- she's workin' hard for her money!

yum, yum, yum- love trina's pillows and fabrics! that abstract flame-stichy/scaley embroidered pillow should be home with moi! (a blue colorway would work better with our decor, if you are reading, trina. ;-)

chic enjoying the rush of good deal on a fabulously bright and cheerful skirt.

be sure to visit chic's blog for much more extensive coverage of her vacation, and our further adventures in m21's home town! we had some serious fun!


Tammy@InStitches said...

Looks like fun ! I just got some T.T. fabric last weekend, love it.
p.s. nobody walks in NC either.

hayes said...

or holding the purse of a friend///

but what a bag...

jones said...

Love those pillows--Heather looks right at home. Mary

Lila said...

Jealous! I love a good shopping day!
Lila Ferraro
Queen Bedroom Sets

ashlina said...

looks like you two had fuuuuuuun! i love our city! what a great tour guide you are.

Elizabeth said...

I have a Trina Turk swimsuit that makes me feel like a total sexpot. Of course, since I go swimming like... once a year, it might have been more practical to get a pillow :)

The Matters of Style Girls said...

Fun!! And I have to point out the big white ginger jars that Kelly W used for flowers in the first pic and at the check-out counter in the last pic. They have them at HomeGoods here in Charlotte on clearance for $39!! Someone should totally grab them up! I posted about it here: Homegoods should pay me a commission:)