31 March 2010

katie, peggy & moi (& books n' stuffs)

westweek here in LA was kicked off by a lovely cocktail reception at williams-sonoma home in honor of margaret russell and her book, style and substance, the best of elle decor (margaret is the peggy in the title of this post- having met her for the first time that evening, for all of two seconds, of course m21 is now totes bff's with her, and we call each other by our nicknames. really).

if you read our last post, you'll know that the m21 instamatic committed digital hari kari the day before the party, and we didn't have time to get a new one, so please visit the delightful and talented katie denham's blog, katiedid for pictures and all the juicy details... (btw, katie is a sweetheart, just as nice in person as on her blog. we felt like we had been friends forever, though we actually only spoken once on the phone the week before, when m21 invited her to be his date to the party!)

while y'all are checking out katie's blog, m21 is curled up in bed getting over a spring cold, and reading the tipping point, trying to decide if he is a connector, salesman or maven. we'll be back later in the week with some more highlights from habitually chic's visit (so many visiting bloggers, so little time to post)!


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My you have been getting around and to all the fabulous places with all the fabulous people. Seriously, I have missed visiting your blog and am now back on track.
Lisa & Alfie