15 March 2010

my american idol

well, i guess technically, it would be my welsh idol, since she is a welsh corgi (mostly), but i'm sure mona's family has been in the u.s. for more actual generations then mine, if less chronological years, so she's as american as apple pie by now... ;-)

i didn't start today's post to do another pet related piece; i actually intended to write about something decorating related- the new fabric i finally selected and purchased for my sofa (so easy to select for clients, yet so hard to select pour moi)- but as i laid my 'lil swatch on a sofa cushion to take a photo to share my fab fabric find with y'all, my trusty sidekick saw the camera and jumped up on the sofa to be a part of the action, knocking the swatch aside and grinning like a mad dog. that's when i had one of those little 'aha' moments: i wanna be more like mona; she's my real life american idol.

i know, i know- peoples are peoples and dogs are dogs, but i want to incorporate a little of mona's dogginess into my personhood. i think it would be good for my soul. you see, mona has 3 states of being: happy, doing something she loves (eating! barking! getting a picture taken! getting petted!); then there is anticipating the things she loves coming into her life (sure would be nice to eat that! did you hear that noise, i think i might need to bark! he's holding his camera- there might be a photo op! oh, he looks like he's about to pet me!); and last, sleeping, blissfully unconscious and unaware. sure there may be a fleeting state or two not on the list- scared, or startled, or confused- but they pass as quickly as they appear, instantly forgotten, leaving only the other three states behind.

think about how nice our lives would be if we spent more time in those same three states: happy, anticipating good things only, or sleeping. not fretting, worrying, playing "what if" or "why didn't i"; no regrets, and no recriminations; no laying awake worrying about a relationship, or money, or whatever your perceived problem du jour is, but just knowing that you are happy today; anticipating that good things and good things only, will happen in your life; and finally, sleeping the sleep of the truly contented at the end of every day. mona doesn't worry that she's gone deaf, or has arthritis and isn't as spry she used to be; she is simply content with who she is at this very moment in time, and doesn't ever regret the past or dread the future. she just is, and knows nothing but the contentment and excitement of life lived in the moment, and that's why she is *my* american idol, and why i want to be more like her.

maybe later, i'll talk about the fabric- the reasons i searched for so long, and the reasons i picked what i did; but today, i'm just happy i bought it, happy to anticipate how good it will look in 4-6 weeks when it's finally on on my sofa; and happy to sleep with one more item checked off my to do list.

thanks, zenmaster mona, my little idol!


Michelle Salz-Smith said...

I love it! Such a great post; I feel truly inspired and happy
after reading your words. And I love Mona too!
What a great smile she has. :)

jones said...

Hi Christian, Perfect post to remind me to be in the moment. You are so on point. Now I'll just put Mona's happy face in front of me when I need to remember to let all of what-ifs fade to nothing. Mary

Great Dame said...

Awww, Mona is adorable, and she looks like a happy-go-lucky kind of girl. Sounds like she's also a good teacher of life lessons, too. ;-)

And I love it when designers share their lives with pets. Stylish interiors and pets don't have to be mutually exclusive!

Looking forward to your thoughts on uphostery when you have a chance. I'm kicking around some ideas for recovering a sofa, and have a hard time of it!

Karena said...

Re post below...go for it!! My idol is a Himalayan cat, my Miss Belle!!

Art by Karena

David said...

Good advice Christian. Life is just better with dogs.

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Look at Mona's smiley face! I loved this post. I too think we have much to learn from dogs. Dogs are the very best thing in the world. I'm so glad you did a post about her. Some dogs truly do like getting their picture taken and will throw themselves in front of the lens. Looks like Mona loves being famous and posing for her glamour shots.

Thanks for sharing!

maison21 said...

thanks everybody! sometimes it just hits me ike a ton of bricks how lucky i am to have such a happy little soul in my life, so i need to share.

it also warms my heart that there are so many other pet overs out there who completely understand!

Ivy Lane said...

I am HAPPY that I came to visit M21 today!!!! Such a great reminder! We often...well I often take so many things way to seriously!!!

Vickie H. said...

Late to the party! But glad I did not miss this post. So wonderful; I love Mona and I love YOU, Christian! What a sweet and tender heart you have!

The Apothecary Jar said...

Love Miss Mona ... I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Millie, so I know what you mean ... they just approach life with a simple joy that is contagious, especially after a long day at work ("OMG! You're HOME?! That means BONES! And a belly rub!"). You've reminded me to post some recent photos of my Corgi-girl!

Lucinda said...

I heart Mona.

ashlina said...

i love love love that! makes me enjoy my little sophie rose too! she is my bliss!


Lila said...

That's all right. I'm sure many readers, including me, are fine hearing about your dog instead of seeing your fabric!!!
Lila Ferraro
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Anonymous said...

you hit the nail on the head - wish i could only anticipate the good things! & mona is quite the looker!

Tracy @ ComfortandLuxury said...

Christian, I didn't get the chance to comment on this before my server/wireless malfunctions (whatever the problem was) shut me down for the better part of the last week. Now that I seem to be reconnected, I'd like to say how much I appreciate this post. For all my big talk about being optimistic and enthusiastic, I don't always just jump in and enjoy life the way the Monas and Bobs of the world do. I could definitely learn a lesson (or ten) from our canine friends.
My cat, on the other hand, is a cranky whining spoiled malcontent. I should probably quit spending so much time with her.


Hey Christian,
Great philosophy found in the simplest of creatures, our pups. They keep it simple and to the basics. And they remind us of it everytime they go happy crazy just because we simply walked in the door. They give us so much. Lovely post!
Lisa & Alfie