11 March 2010

rose tarlow melrose house warehouse sale! (& waterworks too!)

when home & lifestyle PR maven and twitter friend, erik perez (@erikp13), asked m21 if he wanted a preview of the upcoming rose tarlow melrose house warehouse sale, we readily agreed- 'cuz you know what sale preview means to an interior designer, right? firstfreakingdibs!

a portion of the bounty to be available on friday and saturday (10-4 both days)! meg touborg, CEO of rose tarlow melrose house explained to us that they've recently freshened all 16 showrooms, in addition to opening their new flagship location here in los angeles, so they had a significant number of samples to offer this year, making the sale extra special- with prices from 30% - 80% percent off net! also graciously giving time to m21, was victoria dyer, director of sales and marketing, who showed us these fabulous rose tarlow fabric bolt ends (under 5 yards), some priced as low as $24.95/yard- a spectacular bargain! m21 tried to hide a couple for himself, but she caught us and made us return them to their bins. ;-) they also will be offering entire bolts of discontinued fabrics at clearance prices- here's your chance if you need 35 yards of sumpthin' fabulous, but only have a 10 yard budget! rarely are entire suites of side chairs available at sales like this, but there were six of these fabulous black lacquer lion's foot chairs (5 sides and an arm); as well as an entire banquet hall's worth of unfinished frames! victoria said they would be offering a finish option for them if the buyers wished, but m21 thought they'd be fab with just a waxing and some simple linen seats. they were also one of the amazing bargains of the sale- a small fraction of their normal price.
our absolute favorite item in the melrose house line will be on offer too- m21 has been mad for this scalloped chinoiserie coffee table since he first saw it, many years ago. sadly, even on sale, it is not in our recessionary impulse buy budget. we asked if we could put it on layaway until 2020, but the idea didn't seem to be met with much enthusiasm. ;-)
the exceedingly fabulous waterworks line of kitchen and bath fixtures is also being offered at the sale, and if anyone is thinking of updating their kitchen or bath in the near future, m21 says get your bootay on over to this sale friday morning at 10 am sharp! waterworks is all about chic style and quality workmanship, so to be able to score it at a bargain price like this is not to be missed! really, waterworks is one of our all-time favorite brands, so we can't stress enough: do not miss this opportunity!
natural curiosities
will also be offering their fabulous signature prints at the sale, but sadly they weren't on site yet, so m21 couldn't hide away the ones he wanted- oops, he means he couldn't preview the collection...

click here for a map to this fab sale- we'll see you there!


jones said...

I'm drooling. Thanks. Mary

Amanda said...

This is too good to be true! I must find a way to get myself there! Thank you for sharing.

Erik Perez said...

I feel like a celebrity with that shoutout. Thanks!! Meg and Victoria really weren't kidding when they said they had amazing items... Wish I were in LA this weekend (and had a piggy bank to break).

Marie said...

Oh, tomorrow can't come soon enough! I also just discovered an online sample sale of great designer models and discontinued fabrics at very low prices.

Tracy @ ComfortandLuxury said...

If I had the time, I would attend this event just to LOOK at everything. Those unfinished chairs are so full of possibility I can hardly stand it. And the fabrics would probably make me cry. Have fun!