13 March 2010

m21's favorite day of the year!

it's not christmas, not new year's, not even our birthday (may 19th if you're wondering- just around the corner, so you better start shopping!)

nope- our favorite day is none of those days. it's not a holiday at all, in fact (except maybe to us) but it is the the day our nation rights the wrong of the previous fall, and we restore sanity to our lives...

maison21's most favoritist day of the year is the day we spring forward!!! hallelujah! it's here!
finally, we'll be seeing *this* at an appropriate time!
photo courtesy of daily mail online.


Karena said...

Love this inspirational image oh my G thanks for reminding me!

Art by Karena

jones said...

Me too!!! Enjoy. Mary

Amanda said...

This image makes me miss LA!! SF just doesn't have sunsets like that.

p.s.original said...

Maison21: I love all your posts, but I respectfully disagree. As a non-morning person, "fall back" is so much better than "spring forward." Thanks for the wonderful sights I enjoy here at your site.

nicole said...

I swear, I really dont understand why we EVER go back to the short days. For the farmers? Dont they wake up at 6 am anyway? Cant the rest of us have an hour of sunlight after work?

If anyone ever figures this out, please explain it to me.