13 June 2012

be a deer, would you? (more tales of the junque whisperer™)

the above photo is one of the most popular pictures from the maison21 design portfolio, added to over 3000 ideabooks on, and 4 years after it was first published here on the blog,  i still often randomly run across it on the internets- usually uncredited-  but i guess that's the price of being a superstar... (please read 'superstar' in your best sarcastic voice)

and one of the most frequent questions i get asked about the photo is "where did you get the deer statue?", and sadly, i have to answer that it was vintage and the client's own, so i can only steer them in the direction of 1stdibs  with a "good luck!" (good luck to you *and* your checkbook!)

well, guess what the junque whisperer™ led me to yesterday? that's right, deer-landia, where we picked up this fabulously large version, all for our very own (much bigger than the one shown in client project photo- it's 3 feet tall, the largest of these thai brass deer we've ever seen in person).  it also turns out that even though they are separate rooms, our 3 foot plaster monkey and our 3 foot tall brass deer do not get along at all, so sadly, we need to find our deer friend a new home. if you live in southern california,  would you be a deer and drop by our hipswap shop to say hello? of course, there is a modest adoption fee involved (well, i guess that would be modest in comparision to 1stdibs... it's all relative, you know? ;-)

here's a round-up of some more little "dears" for inspiration...

coco chanel's paris apartment (maybe the most famous deer statues in the history of decorating)
deer at the atelier, circa 2007 (from our pinterest. these were about half the size of out current dear little friend)
designer fawn galli's home in domino
san francisco residence by redmond aldritch

last, my deers, i'd like to send you out with a song...


Dawna said...

I love the whole deer thing, I n fact have a big deer head on my fireplace!
I love how you said"steer" no pun intended! Haha,

Donna Vining said...

I'm pinning your photo and it will be credited! Love the deer you found and the other photos with deers. Happy Thursday! "Do, Re, Me, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do!!!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I never get tired of seeing that photo of yours, Christian! I love that space hard! And you handle the superstar thing with such grace :) Off to find me a big ole deer!

Velvet and Linen said...

Your photo has been added to all those ideabooks because you are a superstar! or at least a super talented designer!

I know your well trained deer will find a new home quicker than you can say "on dancer, on prancer, on ..." ok, this jewish girl doesn't know all the names, but you get the idea.