28 June 2012

something in the air (art by elizabeth dow)

sometimes there is just something in the air. you know, when everywhere you turn, you see the same thing, and everyone else seems to be noticing it at the same time as you.

such is the case with the art of elizabeth dow. i randomly stumbled on her website several weeks ago- no clue where i was when i clicked the link, but when i got to her site, i was mesmerized. i am usually drawn to completely abstracted works but elizbeth's more representational images of sea and sky are what grabbed my attention- just painterly and abstract enough to reveal the hand and imagination of the artist, but the subject matter is always clear.

the images stuck in my head for weeks, then this weekend i got a facebook invitation to an opening of her works in NYC and discovered to my chagrin, that i was facebook friends with her, but had no idea she was an artist (she also has a line of fabrics & wallcoverings so i assumed it was a design networking connection).

last, today, i got the "what's new" newsletter from 1stdibs which i rarely have time to click these days, but today i did, and there was elizabeth dow again, profiled in the pages of their introspective magazine. so after all these signs, i knew i needed to share in case you've missed the dow zeitgest. i hope a LA gallery will soon mount an exhibition of her works so i can see them in person, but until then, here is a selection from her website.



Dawna said...

Very beautiful work. I too am drawn to abstracts but I love her work, reminds me of a similar painting I have above my credenza in the diningroom. Thanks for the share Christian!

mary said...

Christian--her work is making my heart stop. Her use of light......Thank you for highlighting this super talented and soulful artist. Mary

katiedid said...

Love. Bookmarked.

mary said...

I've seem her work and was spell-bound by the depth of the canvases. They seem to call you to enter into the painting. Thanks for the reminder.'