26 June 2012

going underground with the muddy leek

just after the pop-up store, the trendiest thing going right now is the underground dinner, and after reading about them in just about every publication devoted to food over the last several years, maison21 finally attended his first guerrilla dinner this past saturday night courtesy of the muddy leek underground (the nom de secret nom nom of bon melange catering).

we gathered at matcha source tea on 3rd st (you don't get to know the location until a couple days beforehand), and then enjoyed wine, conversation, live music and 15 courses of yum. since matcha source is a small location,  bon mélange manager juile retzlaff and chef whitney flood decided to make this dinner a chef's tasting menu of small bites, served cocktail party style. i can't imagine a better calling card for a chef 'cuz if you can turn out 15 courses without a dud in the bunch, you gots some serious food skilz.
the crowd enjoying wine, pre-food (look careful- i'm way in teh back having just been nosily poking around the kitchen to see what delights we had in store!)

15 courses- ALL delicious, quite a feat, if you ask me.
sustainable caviar blinis and creme fraiche
manchego with burkett farms apricot grilled cheese- heavenly.
fish tacos, pico de gallo & house made queso fresco
duck confit hash & weiser farms potato with duck egg. i would happily eat this every day for breakfast or dinner!
five spiced fois gras with pineapple, my favorite of the evening, though the lamp merguez w/lemon aioli crostini (no pic) were a close second. design industry man about town zak graff would disagree- he ranked the merguez as his fave.
the bon mélange photographer must have been as stuffed and lazy as i was at the end of the evening as we don't have any pictures of dessert, but the bourbon peach bread pudding and the strawberry rhubarb shortcakes were pretty damn amazing.

the verdict? trendy or no, i'm down with the underground. next muddy leek is scheduled for july, and i'm sooooooo there.

last, this ain't got nothin' to do with muddy leek, or bon mélange, but somehow just now typing the phrase "down with teh underground" reminded me of this... 2pac 4ever, y'alls!


Splendid Sass said...

Wow, I would like a doggie bag please. Now I am really craving fish tacos. Everything looks amazing.
So much for skipping breakfast!
Happy Wednesday, Christian.

zkgraff said...

What a good time! You can rarely go wrong with meat on a stick...Merguez for the win!
Bravo Julie & Whitney