04 June 2012

innovation (high point market sponsor)

you know, it was just a little over a month ago i was having a blast at high point market, though honestly, it seems like a lifetime ago- how time flies!  and here i am, just now getting a chance to post some more of the photos i took while there (which of course, is making me even *more* excited about market in october, which will be here in the blink of an eye. literally).

one of my first stops in high point is always to my friends over at 220 elm- they have a concentration of 'modern' showrooms that works well with my personal "mix it all up, but keep it modern" sensibility, plus, heinz kattenfield, the big cheese behind 220 (or the mayor of highpoint, as i like to call him) is just an awesome guy and a visit to high point wouldn't be the same without a chance to hang with him!
in one of those weird twists of fate, as i was getting off my plane in charlotte, i retweeted a tweet from one of the kids over at apartment therapy showing a cool black and white patterned wall.  i had no idea it was actually part of the decor of the showroom of one of my high point sponsors, innovation... small world, right?
i am ashamed to admit, i honestly didn't know a thing about my sponsor, innovation,  before i went to their showroom, and to be frank, after having recently shopped for sofa beds with a client, i had more than a little trepidation about having a convertible sofa manufacturer as a sponsor.  i was expecting to see the clunky and traditional sofabeds i saw  online, and here in LA and that made me a tad nervous. thank goodness my fears were laid to rest the minute is saw the below convertible sofa with its updated chesterfield styling:
pretty stylish, right? no wonder innovation is now carried by ABC carpet & home in NYC. this awesome guest bed alternative is perfect for urban small apartment living, cuz' let's face it, we all need somewhere to park a guest now and then (talkin' to you, my drinks too much friend!).
the addition of a matching ottoman turns 'old school" into a sectional! the table grouping features sustainably harvested american hardwood tops.
this danish modern inspired styling on "unfurl" is pretty hip and cool (no surprise as innovation is a danish company- part of the 220 elm "danish mafia" family of furniture manufacturers).

love the simple conical wooden leg
florence knoll-y, no?
"pyx sleek" was a favorite as it reminds me of classic 70's italian styling. i'm thinking of converting my guest room back into a home office to give me space to park an intern or two, so this might be moving in as well, as i still want to be able to stash an overnight guest (you know, my "drink too much" friend ;-). plop a couple of bright ikat pillows on it, and you'd never know it was a sofa bed.
kids & teen rooms always need a place for overnight guests, so i'm keeping this ultra-modern transformers-esque chair in mind...
unfold and un-zip...
and voila! a bed for one!
click the red circle to visit innovation online!
more high point market highlights to come!


shiree segerstrom said...

That chair bed is fabulous. I hope you ordered a few for Maison 21! Shiree'

tracy said...

I love that first one and "unfurl", both would be welcome in my teensy tiny guest room!

Dawna said...

The only thing I can see that's not good is the fact its going to take soooo long to pick one! I think the first one though totally classic.
PS can I intern for you Christian. :)

Heinz said...

My favorite is "Old School" and the movie by the same name is a guilty pleasure.

Donna Vining said...

Those are great sleeper sofas/chairs!! I have never heard of this brand, thank you for sharing and enlightening me. Will have to check them out next time I'm in High Point!!