22 June 2012

maison21 & casasugar visit 'dwell on design 2012'

today we had a bunch of fun seeing tons of cool products, as well as catching up with lots of awesome peoples, at dwell on design 2012, at the los angeles convention center. dwell on design runs all weekend-  saturday the 23rd (tomorrow) and sunday the 24th-  and if you register online, use discount code '20DODEM12' to get a one day pass for  only 10 bucks- 50% off the price at the door.

here's a few of our instagram picks, though we warn you, they were taken with an iphone, indoors, under artificial light, so you know that means half are blurry. sorry, but hey- not like we are pulling in the big bucks in photography fees, ya know?
the next kids room we do is going to get a wall of these six and a half foot high dutch row house cabinets from cool kids company.
kitchen drawer porn from poggenpohl
these chic tiles from sonite innovative surfaces look like a beautiful glass mosaic, but they are "a synthetic composite resin", or as you and i call it "plastique" :-) it also makes them very thin and lightweight, so we can think of all kinds of applications where they could be used when a traditional glass tile wouldn't work.
loved this tentacle-y crystal chandelier from online retailer, lightopia.
cool spun aluminum planters from local los angeles designer/artisan brendan ravenhill.
this is one of those things that pictures just can't capture the beauty of- you have to see and feel in person- but these polished concrete pavers from concrete collaborative got us very excited for use in a future project. hey, if they are good enough for zaha hadid and renzo piano, they are good enough for maison21. ;-)

we also had the honor of being roving instagram correspondent for our friends over at casasugar, so for even MORE design inspiration, click the pretty bottles from vetro vero:


Dawna said...

I thought the pics turned out great. Thanks for the update on what's new and great!

David said...

Mmm, the not-glass mosaic and the concrete pavers!

Anonymous said...

The best eye candy in a long time (besides your profile photo, m21).

The concrete pavers are simply perfection. Thanks for sharing!