09 June 2012

marc phillips rugs: design loves ps arts, cole sternberg studio tour

artist cole sternberg, ginna christensen of marc phillips and annie crowninsheild, owner of empiric studio.
marc phillips rugs will be holding a fabulous fundraiser this fall to benefit ps arts, an organization devoted to keeping the arts alive in public schools (so important in this age of budget cuts). marc phillips' ginna christensen, has gathered 8 los angeles based artists to design rugs for marc phillips, and they will be auctioned off to benefit ps arts and this past friday, ginna hosted a studio tour of downtown loft of cole sternberg, one of the artists whose work will be turned into a rug, to meet the artist and see his work and studio.
always cool to see an artist's work in progress.

loved this work.  i came very close to buying it on a payment plan- except for the whole not even being able to afford the payments on it thing! ;-)
cole's work while abstract in appearance is actually layered with political and social commentary, but you know us- we just like it cuz it's pretty.
i was actually impressed with the neatness of cole's working area. dude is a funny, extroverted, character, but serious about his work- qualities we like (and hopefully share a bit).
we were drawn to the the energy of cole's multilayered pieces.
the phrase "one day" is a repeating theme in cole's work, inviting the viewer to infer their own meanings from it.
this piece has quotes from politicans denying climate change, layered with animal themed paper shooting range targets.
i may not be able to afford one of cole's pantings (today ;-) but we all went home with a book of his work.

thanks ginna, cole and marc phillips for hosting such an artful afternoon- looking forward to the ps arts benefit this fall!


Karena said...

Christian I would be thrilled as well, even with the book!Fabulous Art!

Art by Karena

Dawna said...

I love the first painting the grey one. I'm in love with it. Thanks for introducing me to his work he is brilliant

mikky said...

These are really cool. Great colours.


Jamie Herzlinger said...

I love that art, it's amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing!

Love, Jamie Herzlinger