02 June 2012

confetti collection lighting by avram rusu studio

we get a LOT of press pitches in our inbox every day (like, you have no idea. it's overwhelming sometimes), but not many of them make us wake up and take notice (air freshener? laundry soap? energy efficient windows? are y'all trying to bore us to death?)

but this one certainly got our attention:

cool stuff, right?

confetti collection lighting by avram rusu studio.


Anonymous said...

Kinda reminiscent of Curtis Jere. Love me some raindrops. Now to go see whether they are even remotely within my budgetary reach!

Sue in RI

Lori said...

Stunning! What the hell do these babies look like LIT?

Donna Vining said...

These are such fun fixtures! Have a great weekend!

Dawna said...

Ok Christian, thats seriously the coolest light ever! Bet it's even more impressive when it's lit!
Dawna jones design.

Dawna said...

Ok that is seriously the coolest light would love to see it lit !
Dawna Jones Design.

mary said...

Very amazing!! There is a huge amount of artistry involved. I wonder what they look like in person--so much life. M.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Wow. So unique and pretty!
Thank you for sharing, Christian.