30 June 2012

m21 needs a slave- i mean intern!

it's time... we need smart, capable help around the atelier. every day will bring a different challenge, as one day it might be creating invoices, cleaning a tchotchke, or prepping a canvas for painting, the next it might be holding my hand in a client meeting, making a floor plan or shopping for fabric. we have lots going on in many arenas, both design and media, so be prepared to juggle.  it will be work but it will be fun too, and i guarantee you'll walk out the door with more working knowledge of design and social media than you walked in with. whether you still like either field afterwards (or me), i couldn't say...  ;-)

just putting it out there. if you think you might be interested, click above on the slave formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince ...


Splendid Sass said...

Sounds fun! Wish I lived there. It could be my fourth career! I know all about prepping those canvases, and that social media stuff, lol.
There are people out there that would be dying to intern for you, Christian. It shouldn't take long for the best to walk in!

Karena said...

Christian, well as you are interviewing anyway; would you find me a Girl Jane!!

Art by Karena

Raina Cox said...

RE: the top photo. Proof that an unfortunate haircut can render even the most beautiful of men unattractive.

P.S. If I lived in the LA area, I'd be on your job offer like white on rice.

The Wee One said...

Sounds like an amazing learning experience... where do we sign up? Also are you in LA or NY? (I could do both!)

Simply Grand said...

These days, I'd be the World's Oldest Intern, but if I had seen this fifteen years ago, when I got out of design school, I would have been on the next place west, portfolio in hand. I managed to graduate right at the tail end of a Boom period in design, and during the Bust that followed, I was competing for unpaid positions against designers with years of experience, so it was no wonder nobody wanted me. Timing is everything, as I learned--again--when my place got published (you were one of the bloggers who said nice things about it) ten days before the economy drove off a cliff again, taking with it any hope of leveraging my brief moment of fame into an actual job in the field. Oh, well.

Anyway, the fact that you've now reached the point where you really need help is a good sign of things to come. Congratulations.

Dawna said...

Good luck with that Christian you will have no problem finding someone to work for you, you would be a blast and a pleasure to work with!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

lol - just stumbled upon your space and i love it. love. happy 4th to you!

Renée Finberg said...


that's so true....
an intern is a slave.

but....we have all been there.


LiveLaughDecorate said...

Lol. You're a riot. Good luck! Tried hiring an intern this summer and it was a bust.

Will Ryles said...

How cool is this job advert?! What an exciting opportunity to learn from!

Sadly, if experience is anything to go by kids/slaves/interns might not realize just what a boost into the industry this could give them.

I wish you the best of luck.