21 June 2012

pairs competition

pairs of things are a decorator's secret for unifying a room, and a pair of tall etageres makes both an architectural statement, and is (are?) completely useful to display the pretty things we love. whether you flank a sofa, a fireplace, a bed, a desk or a door, pairs of etageres are your friend...
amy d. morris, via atlanta homes and lifestyles

carrier and company, via stylebeat

celerie kemble

unknown, via elle decor

eric kohler

kelly weasrstler, via studio ten 25

pheobe howard

now get to the m21 hipswap shop and replicate the look in your own home


Alexandra Rae said...

Who can ever resists buying a pair? You never break a pair. I have a gorgeous, distinctive pair of antique chinoiserie lamps I refuse to split, even for my best client. She only needs one more lamp on one end table and she loves them. But I said, "No, they must go to the same home." She looked at me like I was crazy. She even offered to buy both. "But you'd only use one...," I protested. I just couldn't see it. Still said no.

However, ever since my little girl asked, while surveying our own home, "Mommy, why do you always do things so two-sie?" I realized only so many pairs per room.

maison21 said...

omg- your daughter is NEVER allowed to visit my home! her palate is far too refined! ;-)

Dawna said...

I love the pairs.

Donna Vining said...

Love all these spaces with the etageres and the etageres themselves. The ones you are selling are fab! Happy Friday!

carolyn bradford said...

Never break up a pair! That's what i always say at my shop….however…I've been known to do it when we've had it far too long! It's just sooooo hard to find a gorgeous pair of anything these days! Anyway…love the pic of Phoebe Howard and Eric Kohler so much! I loved all of them but those were my two faces! Glad I got see this!
Carolyn Bradford