09 March 2009

cheap 'n chic: 30 days of glamour for under 10 bucks

maison21 spotted these small fakedy-ass blue & white ceramic pots at wahlgreen's of all places- 2 for $2.00! (though since they were made in china, are they fakes? confused, we are).totally cheap, and the perfect fit for the small sized trader joe's orchid.
at a dollar for the pot, and 8 bucks for the orchid, even with tax we're coming in at under 10 bucks. since orchids can last up to a month or longer, we're talkin' serious decorating bargain time: 30 days of glamour for under 10 bucks.
we like to give these as little gifts with a homemade card. people seem to like them, though of course they could be smiling and saying "thank you" on the outside, while thinking on the inside "m21 is a freakin' cheapskate- some nasty-ass tj's flower and he couldn't even spring for a real card".

now, if you are thinking you've seen this post before, that means you are a long time reader- we made a similar, but more in-depth post on this very subject 231 posts ago, back when we were just a 'lil baby blogger. it's still one of favorites though, so if you want to read it, click here. now, is stealing from one of our own posts plagiarism? again, confused we are...


Vickie H. said...

My GOD!!! You were posting this at 2:38 in the MORNING! GO TO BED, SWEETIE!!! Does nobody SLEEP anymore?! Love your blog...usually don't comment, just soak it all up and laugh a lot at your wonderful sense of humor! This is such a timely post...everyone needs something fresh to carry us (finally!) into SPRING! Thank you for sharing!
Walgreen's is just around the corner!


Anonymous said...

Lovin' it. We have a standing date for the next 29 days.

Jill said...

Love the Yoda "confused we are"! Great bargain...jealous!

Tracy said...

Thanks M21 for giving me permission to go get a new orchid. The expensive one I bought before Christmas - to show off an antique pottery planter I found in my mother's garage - died a slow death and I finally had to remove it last week. I'm not usually a plant killer but apparently that orchid wasn't happy in my perfect-for-every-other-plant-that's-ever-lived-there kitchen window. Picky thing. So this week, because I really liked how an orchid looked in that spot, I'll go to TJ's and get a new one, use a smaller pot that I already have, and not feel one bit guilty if it only lives a month or two. (oh, I'll feel a little guilty - but only eight buck's worth instead of twenty-five!)

maison21 said...


between the time change and 2 cups of coffee after a family dinner, i was wired for sound until about three am. sstill in my jammies at almost 1:00 on monday, but it's finally time to rise and shine as i have a meeting at 2:30.
thanks for your first comment!


not responsible for blooms that don't make it to 30 ;-)


do not jealous be- cannot you feel a walgreens in the force near you?

tracy, sometimes orchids bloom for months, so sounds like you did well with your before xmas plant! the longest lasting blooms are some bromiliads- i had one that bloomed for over 6 months!

vicki archer said...

Love your orchid, love your pot and love your post, xv.

stacey said...

I discovered your blog just a few weeks ago and now I am a daily reader! I love your blog!!
Your animal stories have touched my heart. I too have a wonderful rescue dog that survived torture before we were able to call him ours.
Anyway, The orchids are the best @ Trader Joe's I have been buying them for years.
I think I'll go to bed's 2:30 in the morning.

Jules said...

anyone should be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift-

simply beautiful!

Jill said...

giggle...I'm on my way...light saber in hand to vanquish any bargain shopper who gets in my way!

Alkemie said...

I love blue and white porcelain!

Vickie- you are too cute lol. Although I must say that 2:38 AM is very "early."

When I do that now a days , I have panda eyes the whole day the next day.

BTW, wonderful taste in flowers Christian. I LOVE orchids.


Karen O.

Greg said...

Oh yeah, I LOVED that post on orchids you did a while back, it was very excellent and practical advice. This is a good follow-up to that.

BTW I must say you do have exquisite taste.

beachbungalow8 said...

great find. the TJ orchids are the absolute best bargain out there. I wish everyone was so lucky to have one in their hometown