19 March 2009

OCDD challenge: a dining oasis!

Dining Oasis
Dining Oasis - by bjpdesigns on

ok, how fabulous is it when a new blogger and budding designer teaches an old dog new tricks? bonnie of the brand spankin' new blog, love your place, wrote to m21 saying how much fun she had creating her fantasy room for the design blogger's challenge II, but she didn't know how to get all the images together in one photo collage (not necessary to enter, btw- only mandatory if you don't have a blog). maison21 shot back "photoshop honey, but we warn you, there's a learning curve". a few days later, she sent back the above collage, assembled via put together all pretty with links and everything- no photoshopping involved. genius.

so bonnie, love your room, and love the tip- now get to posting! your blog officially has readers!


Anonymous said...

WOW! I know Bonnie through blogging and am amazed at what she's done already. Can't wait to try out polyvore, I thought it was just for clothes! Maison, you're fabulous for hosting this event!

Suzy said...

Yum! Those chairs, that sideboard. Yum!

maison21 said...

paris apartment-

bonnie's entry is definitely a highlight- i love to be surprised, and she certainly surprised me. i thought polyvore was just for clothes too, and as i'm certainly no fashionista, never even investigated it for decor. i hope bonnie's entry inspires others.

pretty fab, right suzy? and no photoshop!

Bonnie said...

Thank you everybody for your wonderful compliments! Wow, I am truly honored and humbled by your kind words! You have such fabulous blogs and work I only dreamed I could come up with something half as good as you do on a daily basis. It was definitely a challenge which I enjoyed very much. Thank you!! :)

katiedid said...

Great job! I am going to try out this link!
Another collage tip: Power Point is great. You can size, crop, import photos from the internet, layer, add text, save as a jpg or pdf, and I think it is much easier to learn than Photo Shop.

Very nice design Suzy!