25 March 2009


love. these.
Pair of Italian c.1980's Tole painted Faux Book tables via the newly launched mjh design arts website.


Anonymous said...

Dear Maison 21,

Love these Faux book tables.
I have a fab friend in Paris that is a decorative painter and does amazing work. I love him but alas he loves men!!!!
If you would like his e-mail he could send you his work.
I assure you he is the best of the best and you could be the first to bring him to America.


maison21 said...

glad you like the tables, m.

as for your parisian friend, i'm not quite sure if you are offering his services as a painter, or something a bit more discreet, but either way, i assure you i'm in no position to sponsor artists at the moment. (just kidding on that btw, but paris does seem a bit far to go for a painter. if he has a website, though, send it over- you never know in this business what the next project brings, and who knows? it might be in france! or at least in the middle in NYC!)