10 March 2009

design blogger's challenge II: staying neutral

during our last challenge, interior designer katie denham of the katiedid blog turned out a room that blew maison21 away, turning our focal point of a big gaudy, vegas-y chandelier, into a glittery silvery winter scene straight out of dr. zhivago. her work was so brilliant, we almost hated to feature it on blog, since katie being in sacramento is a little too close to home for our comfort (in the interest of self-preservation, we like to avoid publicizing designers in a 500 mile radius who might be more talented than our own fine self). ok, so we're kidding with that- we appreciate talent wherever it may be located, though we do sleep easier at night knowing we aren't competing for the same jobs with katie, right here in los angeles. since katie has recently launched her own private practice, we can call bakersfield our mason-dixon line- she gets everything to the north, and m21 gets everything south... ;-)
with this new challenge, katie has turned out another work of brilliance, creating a chicly masculine bedroom with a 1920's yacht as her starting inspiration. she describes it as "wood, brass, a bit art deco, new industrial age feel" and we just think it's plain old cool. as usual, excellent work, katie- we are in awe. check it out here.

for those of you who would still like to enter the challenge, here's a brief recap of the few simple rules:

decorate a fantasy room by picking two different things from m21's original post or from the m21 inventory (slideshow, upper right corner of blog), and then add in your own current design obsessions. the elements culled from from original post could be the beige paint (you'll need to use our specific color if so) and something else, like the moooi random light, or blond cowhide rug, or whatever; or you can do like HOBAC or katiedid and use an item from the m21 atelier inventory, like the tusk table or gold task lights; then add in your own elements pulled from the web (whatever strikes your fancy) and incorporate it all into your own unique fantasy room.

once finished, let m21 know you have posted your room on your own blog and we'll link to your blog post here, then both our blog readerships can follow the game! no need to make a photoshop collage unless you want to, but if you don't have a blog and want to play, then a photo collage and BRIEF description are mandatory (sorry, no time to post individual photos or edit long descriptions). remember, this is all just good clean decorating fun- no winners and no losers, and no deadlines.


katiedid said...

Hahaha! Thanks Christian! Fun to play. I look forward to seeing all the others.

maison21 said...

katie, i look forward to more entries too- i was actually scared to publish yours for fear i wouldn't get any more 'cause everyone would be too intimidated!

thank YOU for playing- i really think these games are fun, fun, fun!