16 March 2009

OCDD design blogger's challenge: extra credit

we have another great student entry in the design blogger's challenge II, this one from tony, a student at the art insitute of dallas, who has creatively taken an element from a m21 post of the recent past- the cast iron conservatory from V&M- and adapted it for this challenge. tony also deserves extra credit points in that he had to submit his entry twice- mean old professor m21 made him redo the first entry in a more blog friendly format, and good student that he is, tony obliged. maison21 hopes your real professors are giving you real extra credit for your internets homework too!
This monumental cast iron greenhouse from Vintage & Modern will be used as the structure and will be painted in Benjamin Moore white dove oc-17 like M21 did for his trim in the challenge. For the flooring, reclaimed stone flooring made up of 11” x 11” tiles from BAC Antique Materials, will be used. Lighting will be provided by 10 lanterns hung at various heights; two chandeliers will also be hung and lit by candles at night. For up lighting North American Indian torches will be used on both sides of each door. The stone birdcage will be used to house exotic songbirds. The Art Nouveau marble swan fountain will be placed in the center as a water element. During parties the water will be replaced with champagne. Large palms and fruit trees will be planted in 9 large “Versailles” enameled iron urns, filling the space with lush greenery. The turquoise ceramic tripod table will be placed in between the pair of Anglo-Indian silver low chairs which will be upholstered in sora velvet-ora bark by Kelly Wearstler for Ground Works (yellow and brown fabric). The Japanese bronze incense rooster will be placed on the Indian white marble coffee table and will be used to fill the room with perfumed smoke. The Italian Renaissance Revival daybed will hold a mattress upholstered in amiens chenille-sun by Lee Jofa (solid yellow fabric). The accent pillows will be in the remaining fabrics loyd-raspberry by Lee Jofa, faux bois-gold/noir and edo linen-teal both by Kelly Wearstler for Ground Works. The large Chinese marble bathing tub will be filled with a variety of orchids. The stone desk with Renaissance Revival Savonarola Chair in Oak, will provide a place to write. A brass bar will run the perimeter of the greenhouse, hung with the West Elm curtains from M21’s challenge. All pieces are from 1st dibs unless otherwise noted. These fabrics, furnishes, and finishes result in a pleasure pavilion, a place to spend leisure afternoons chatting with friends over tea, while enjoying the plantsLink like our earlier student entry, pretty sophisticated work, right? if the young'uns in school are this good, m21 better step up his game before they graduate!

we have a couple more great OCDD entries on tap for later in the week, so stay tuned, and if you still think you might want to play along, go for it! read the rules here, and send your entry on in!


Suzy said...

Well done Tony!

the paris apartment said...

How much fun are you having with this!? What a brilliant challenge, it's so much fun to see everyone's gorgeous entries!

maison21 said...

paris- SO much fun (mostly- some people can take the fun out of *anything*).

two more great entries to come this week. where's yours? ;-)