19 March 2009

hi-larious hand gesture hooks

"a series of wall-mounted coat hooks and wall art by cheeky British manufacturer Thelermont Hupton, based on familiar gestures from the welcoming to the more expletive."
via kirk


rock on!



up yours!
this last one's for ___, (no names, you know who you are) -
you did say you liked to visit my blog

19 comments: Maegan said...

fabulous. I like the last one.

maison21 said...

thanks maegan- i had FUN posting that last one, too!

mary said...

Love the hands - but more importantly - you made me laugh out loud w/ your comment to Heather !

maison21 said...

glad my comment over at chic's made you laugh, mary, but the photographer *does* have good hair! ;-)

Lucinda said...

I saw these in Marie Claire Maison awhile back. They freak me out a little bit, like they are going to grab me by the collar and say, "Do you know what your problem is" and then I'm going to have to give a serious beat down to a coat hook.

maison21 said...


speaking of beat downs, it seems to me you need a little lesson in blog etiquette...

lesson number 1:

it is rude to visit blogs and be funnier than the blog's author.

that concludes today's lesson in blog etiquette.




Paul Pincus said...

love these ... they're a little cocteau and harry allenesque.

Lucinda said...

So I take it me an V can share that last coat hook?

the paris apartment said...

These are filed under "Why didn't I think of that?"
btw I bragged, I mean blogged about you today :)

maison21 said...

paul, they absolutely remind me of cocteau- they come in white too, so would be even more cocteau-esque.

lucinda- it takes a quite a bit to get on my bad side, so you'd have to do a heck of a lot more than upstage me on my own blog to be lumped in with v!

paris- thank you so much for the mention. i actually emailed you through your website today, because funnily enough, while you were posting about me, i was thinking about *you*! funny how the universe works...

Habitually Chic said...

I love you Maison21 even if your hair isn't as good as my photographer's! LOL! And thanks for being a fabulous friend.

maison21 said...

au contraire, mon heath-aire! moi-self's hair is every bit as good as your photographer's! (and i'm quite amazed i still have it- never thought i would as my dad and gramps on both sides were gray and balding by my age).

unfortunately, it's also pretty much true that longish hair just doesn't tend to look appropriate on men at a certain age (and weight). don't want to look like i'm desperately clinging to youth, so i'll just let the hot young things work their good hair... ;-)

as for the friendship thang, right backatcha! friends, family (including pets) and health are what's important in life. the rest is just so much stuff.

Anonymous said...

moi-self's hair is every bit as good as your photographer's!


maison21 said...

oh, bitter anon- i actually feel bad for you. why is it that you anons just can't ever read a blog and have fun with it? is it really so hard to enter the spirit of fun and lightheartedness (tempered with a dash of irony and sarcasm), that the rest of my readers seem to intuitively grasp when they visit? do you shit all over bantering conversations in real life too?

is your your own anonymous life that bad? really? honestly, i feel bad for your bleak and probably friendless existence.

and please, have the cojones to back your comments up with a name. i do.

The Husband said...

I just found out that you have insulted my wife with your stupid middle finger piece of crap.

You are very easy to find and I suggest you take the next few days before I get to L.A. to ponder the consequences of not removing the crass and offensive remark you made in your childish post.

maison21 said...

the husband aka chubby hubby (from NEW ORLEANS)- i don't know if yours is the funniest or the saddest comment i've ever received. either way, your anger issues are making you kinda delusional- we really don't threaten one another on decorating blogs. you know, they've gots all kinds of good meds and stuff now- maybe one will work for you. so get help, k?



Cholo said...

The word is out that you are threatening to call the police because you gave a fucked finger to somebody's wife and the husband is calling you to fess up.

There are a million subscribers in Louisiana so it doesn't take a brain to figure out that if you insult a woman in New Orleans, the woman's husband must be in the same city.

How quaint of you to think that calling me "chubby hubby" will get you any mileage in the real world.

You give a bad name to assholes all over the world, that's why I don't bother with volleying back insults to you.

You misunderstood my previous message, you low class drama queen. There was no threat of the kind you need to call the police.

"Mr. Policeman, I gave the fucking finger to a woman I'm so jealous of, and now the chubby hubby is scaring me!!!"

Mr. Chubby Hubby's Lawyer is the one that was coming after your money since you're so stupid that you keept incriminating yourself.

As it turned out, you had the common sense to remove the offensive and low class reference, and we both win.

The Husband

maison21 said...

well, cholo, you get the award for the longest comment that makes the least sense. all i really understand in that esl drivel was "low class drama queen" which i'm assuming is self-referential.

the rest? not a clue.

now don't you have something better to do then visit here?


Astrich said...

The puppy overlooked that the bitch maison21 refers hirself in the third person.

Everybody else and their mothers got the message loud and clear that maison21 is a crass, envious and hysterical low class Walmart designer