07 March 2009

ikats, suzanis and adsense, oh my! (or buddy, can you spare a dime?)

pretty, right?

did these chairs get your attention? what blog reader can resist a colorful suzani, we ask you? maybe m21 could resist, as he isn't the biggest suzani fan in the world, but even he loves those chairs.
by admitting he doesn't love a suzani, m21 is sure to ignite a firestorm of controversy. yay- love a decorating controversy! maison21 doesn't actually hate suzanis or anything, he just thinks they are a bit too granola-y for his taste, as well as terribly overexposed at the moment. ikat is different story- it's m21's go to fabric of choice for adding a jolt of color and some ethnic eclecticism to an interior. classic. never tire of it. not even pottery barn can ruin ikat. m21 loves ikat.
but this post isn't about ikats and suzanis, it's about adsense.

not nonsense. adsense. you've seen the adsense boxes in the sidebars of many a blog, including this one (on right, under our smiling face and amazon widget). the adsense widgets are kind of fun- whatever a blogger posts about, adsense picks up keywords in the post, and attempts to find ads that relate to those keywords. right now, our adsense widget has been filled with ads for OCD meds and therapists due to our recent "obsessive compulsive decorating disorder" post (funny); the adsense widget is also how we discovered the above site with the purdy chairs and pillows. after we made a post about the lovely ikat and suzani pillows at fabricadabra, our widget found the above link, so we clicked and liked what we found! fun, right?

and that's what this post is about: clicking for fun and profit. you see, while we're sure everybody has noticed the adsense widget on some of their favorite blogs, but m21 didn't know if y'all knew how they worked: every time you click a link in the adsense widget, your favorite bloggers (like moi) get a few cents, sometimes as much a dime. takes a few seconds of your time, but doesn't cost you anything, and while a dime may not sound like a lot, they do add up, and in this economy, we know every little bit helps, right? last year, maison21 made about a hundred bucks off his clicks, or about a dime for every hour he spent blogging about ikats and suzanis (oh my). ;-)

so do your favorite bloggers a favor, and click on a few adsense links next time you visit (or sponsor ads if their blog has them). they'll appreciate it, and you can feel good about helping your favorite bloggers make a little moolah (without spending a dime)! and trust moi- none of us are getting rich by blogging- we only blog because we care. (alright, that's a lie- we blog because we are extroverts and attention whores, but you wouldn't hold that against us would you?)

so hey, buddy- can you spare a dime?


Jill said...

I agree about suzanis...I love them, but they are becoming so ubiquitous. Pottery Barnerized...although I have nothing against Pottery Barn. I've been collecting suzanis for 20 years and I just hate to see them become so commercialized. I wonder if I'm a bit granola? No birkenstocks in the closet, but I have embraced a very Bohemian vibe since we moved from Houston. And in my love of all texiles...I adore ikat. Have we all done huge posts about ikat? It appears so! Where's the flamestitch love...not the damp dreery castle flamestitch, but cool, vibrant glorious blazing flamestitch!!

Bonnie said...

Hi M21!
Thats a very interesting post! It makes me wonder what would happen if somebody just clicked and clicked and clicked on the ads on their blog ads in an OCD clickaholic like fashion? Would the money just flow in, kaching kaching!? Do you get money if you click on your own blog ads too? Does the clicker get a cut or just OverClickingDisorder? Hummm.... :)

maison21 said...

hey jill-

1- i don't have anything against pottery barn either- quite like some of it. i was just using it as an example of a craze gone ubiquitous, and i agree that it's sad that the lovely, authentic examples of suzani that you've collected have been tainted by all the cheap copies out there. it's one reason i'm not such a fan, i think- what was once rare is now so common that it's become cliché. there was a point about 20 years ago when i thought an eames LCW plywood chair was the hieght of chic, but now that they've been reissued and knocked off ad infinitum, i pretty much can't bear to look at them any longer.

2- love your line "no birkenstocks in the closet"- keep watching my blog, i will be stealing it, you can be sure. and i think your choice of "bohemian" to describe a suzani is much more appropriate than mine of "granola-y". i was just trying to be a bit controversial i guess.

3- yes, where is the flamestitch love? again, i will be stealing your "damp dreery castle flamestitch" description, so watch this space...

maison21 said...

bonnie, if i make myself rich by clicking on my own ads, i would for sure develop "obesesseive clicking disorder" on my way to being a kagillionaire, but it's against the rules to click your own ads, and i'm sure if google has an automated system to detect and reflect the content of my posts, they also have an automated system to figure out i'm cheating, and clicking my way to wealth.

so i can't click me wealthy, but YOU could! just a thought... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I get your blog via google adsense! This explains why so many of the blogs I read in google only show a teaser line and you have to click on the blog title that directs you to the actual blog site to read the article. (And explains why I'll remember to visit your actual site for some clicking from time to time.)

Things That Inspire said...

Just for the fun of it, I clicked on every single adsense on your sidebar. Enjoy the 50 cents! I actually did not know about this so I will make sure to pay attention in the future.

I should pass along the advertising requests that I least 5 a week.

maison21 said...

awww thanks anon- mona appreciates the contribution to her college fund (and college=treats)!

inspire- thank you for the clicks! (see above).

i was inspired to write this post by another (non-design) blogger who has sponsorship on their blog, but their click-throughs weren't so hot and one of the sponsors pulled out. i wondered if anyone even knew that for the pleasure of reading the blog, good etiquette would dictate that they should click ads every so often even if they have no intention of buying from that particular sponsor. (and of course, leave comments too- nothing worse than wondering if anyone is actually reading your posts).

as for your offer to send people seeking blogs to advertise on- send 'em my way! i've been reluctant to accept advertisers in the past, because a) i should approve of the product- since my blog represents not only the personal m21, but also the professional m21, i can't in good conscious shill for something i'd never consider using on a project; and 2) i wouldn't want sponsors to feel neglected when i don't post frequently- design projects take priority, so sometimes something's gotta give, and the recreational design blog is it! but in this economy, the prospect of ads is becoming more and more appealing...

Cote de Texas said...

love the ikats and I love suzani's too - love the new fabrics from Martyn Lawrence Bullard - they are gorgeous. I'll have to remember to click your adsense - !!! :)

Renae said...

you are very funny! I wondered how the adsense worked!
I like suzanis and Ikats!

ALL THE BEST said...

Dimes coming your way!!

FancyPants-design said...

I agree..everyone needs to start clicking on those adds ;-) adds up ..and it's work keeping up a blog!!

Anyway..totally agree with ikat --love it!!

maison21 said...

joni- the bullard fabrics based on suzanis are rather fab, aren't they? any clicks would be apreciated, but not necessary. personally, i'd rather have a comment than a clik!

renae, glad to 'splain teh adsense to you- now go click on some of your favorite blogs!

fancypants- non-bloggers have NO idea of the time we put in on our posts, so a click or two would certainly be nice. if we could get everyone that reads blogs to just click once per blog, us bloggers might actually see something come of it! since my post, about one in 25 visitors have clicked which is actually pretty amazing since before that, it was one in every 500!

Pigtown-Design said...