27 March 2009

first ever maison21 pop up store event!!!!!

maison21 pop-up store event!
@ the atelier

maison21 has combined forces with tisha of varela interiors to unleash one mutha of a sale! it's kind of like a great sale at your favorite vintage resale gallery, along with the biggest yard sale ever, all rolled into one delicious day of deals! several of our friends and neighbors will be joining in as well, so there will be something for everybody, and at every price point! high end to low down! bring cash to buy, or join the fun and bring some stuff to sell- all are welcome! heck, just stop by for a cup of coffee and some witty yard sale banter...

the maison21 inventory will be slashed by 20% or more on pretty much everything, and there will be lots of other designer goodies as well- fabrics and wall coverings, furniture, lighting and tons of home accessories. all kinds of stuff, from the good to the bad to the really ugly!

added bonus- mona will be offering really stinky dog breath kisses- two licks for a buck! (richard will be hiding under the bed).

no atelier tours this saturday, but if you leave your name and number, maison21 promises to invite you to his next cocktail party, and you can get all your voyeuristic needs met then...

free pony rides for the kids!
(just kidding)

ps- if you bring stuff to sell, totally cool, but you have to stay with your merchandise & haul it away if it doesn't sell- we ain't running a staffed consignment shop. we do like to swap cool stuff for cool stuff on occasion, though ;-)

pps- some gentle bargaining is expected, but prices are already pretty low, so hardcore hagglers will not be tolerated. if you want stuff for free, the maison21 security staff will tazer your ass and forcibly remove you. or at least throw you some serious attitude. 'cept mona, she loves everybody. even hagglers.

ppps- speaking of attitude, that's all earlybirds will get. attitude. lots of it.

sorry to be a buzzkill, but a few gentle rules will make this a fun event event for all. and it will be fun, promise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gatherings home said...

Okay, so seriously...that round table with the pyramid acrylic (?) legs is to die for. Ohhhhh....m21 why do you live so far away?

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh sounds like fun. I hope all goes well. Plus kisses for a dollar are a bargin I'm sure you'll clean up!

beachbungalow8 said...

This is like the best of ebay live. I'm sort of wishing I had just gotten off of la cienga yesterday and cruised over to your place!!!

The Original Cheetah-Hating Anon said...

OMG, what a blast! It would be a pleasure to meet you and Mona! I just might brave the La Brea traffic (and those tricky red-light cameras). Is it really okay to bring items to sell? If so, please update your post with the proper protocol for sellers. (Don't worry, I wouldn't pull up with a pick-up truck's worth of stuff.)

Those of us raised with manners would never ask for a tour of someone's home. [Shudders in horror.] Always wait to be invited, my mama tol' me. (TOCHA has also partied at the Playboy Mansion, where guests must stay on the grounds and may never enter Hef's lair.) We knowz how to behave ourselves!

maison21 said...

gatherings- take the red-eye! you don't want to miss this!

high heels- mona send you air-kisses- FOR FREE!

bb8- well, lots of the smalls are left over from my ebay days, so yes, in a way it is ebay live! coleen canceled, but i hope you still can drop in.

tocha- per your brilliant suggestion, i have amended things to reflect a few gentle guidelines. please do bring stuff- the more the merrier. the townhouse next to mine is vacant, so we have plenty of yard to spread out on.

Leah said...

Wish I could go! I'm sending the sister-in-law in my stead ...

Bonnie said...

Wow this is no ordinary garage sale! You have some fabulous things! It's so tempting!!!!! I love the pair of lamps and of course the fish!!!

midcenturyjo said...

I'm devastated I can't be there Christian. I believe the only other person who covets brass/bronze objets more than mcjo is m21. I'm getting palpitations thinking about what I'm missing out on. Good luck!

The Original Cheetah-Hating Anon said...

Dearest M21-

I woke up early and packed up the jalopy with a bunch of goodies—most shabby, some chic (including a little thank you gift for M21 for the use of his lawn). Barely made a dent in my own atelier. Who knew I had so much stuff? Perhaps it's time I turned pro.

Anyway, got on the freeway, then got off. Headed up Mulholland, down Fairfax, winding my way to Little Ethiopia. By this time it was 10:30. (In other words, fashionably late.)

I turned the corner. Is this the place?

A crowd of well-heeled shoppers buzzed around merchandise like honey bees on bougainvillea.

Yes, it was the place. The most happening pop-up sale of the day. And oh look! A parking spot right across the street! [Pulls in perfectly behind a beige Mini.]

It was right about then when—overwhelmed by the fabulousness of it all—a mild case of agoraphobia set in.

No, you're here, I told myself. So get out an mingle! Plus, you need the cash! Go! Sell!

So I forced myself to cross the street. I saw BB8 (one word: gorgeous as all get-out) and Mona (deliciously adorable).

Then I scanned the beautiful people and just couldn't figure out which of the hot dudes was M21.

Would M21 wear madras plaid patch pants, a driving cap and aviator sunglasses?

I'll never know. Because, just at that moment, mild agoraphobia turned full blown.

Panicked, I hightailed it to the safety of my beat-up vehicle jam crammed with familiar objects.

There was no way I was going to bother M21—whichever one of these good looking guys he turned out to be—in the middle of his outrageously successful sale for a spot on his lawn.

Plus, the verdant grounds looked like they were at full occupancy anyway.

So I put-putted my little engine out of there...

Sorry to have missed you! Looks like you had a terrific turnout!

maison21 said...

mcjo, i'm glad i have a fellow lover of the brass objet. still have a few choice pieces in the atelier, so next time you are in my part of the world, stop on in...

maison21 said...

oh tocha- i wish you had stopped, and stayed. we had such fun, and everybody made a few bucks- and i was really looking forward to meeting you in person.

next time, k?

TOCHA said...

Thx, M21. :) It looked crazy-busy. I didn't want to intrude or have to ask someone to watch my stuff while I unloaded from across the street. (Plus, I really do have a touch of agoraphobia.) Next time I'll show up seconds before the starter pistol goes off at 9, on the dot.