04 November 2007

as threatened, cute pet photo

here's my sweet little girl in her halloween costume from this last wednesday. i know, way too gay, but i SWEAR she loves the attention she gets when dressed up! she actually tolerated the costume for a whole evening (off and on) the saturday before halloween. first we went to the adorable street fair in my 'hood- tons of kids in costumes, a moon bounce, scary story telling, and bake sale- so old fashioned and cute. mona is usually not fond of the fair because she is no fan of the little people, but i had the bright idea to keep treats in my pocket and she made it through like a champ- tons of attention and dozens of photos. later, we went to a fundraiser for an animal rescue at barks n bitches on n. fairfax, a cute little doggie boutique. the scene there was a little crazier than the street fair- lots of peeps and pups in a small space- so we didn't stay long. plus, she was one of three hot dogs there, so we weren't really having that! monsieur target, her couturier, promised us he only made one haute dog costume exclusively for mona! :)

on the actual evening of halloween, after having only one lonely little trick or treater, i met my friend randy of the cafe de etoile in west hollywood, and we did the santa monica blvd thing. had some drinkies and checked out the mens. totally fun until i needed a cab home- had to walk to fairfax and melrose for that!

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East Coast Resident said...

Poor Mona, I hope she wasn't too traumatised when she saw three other hot dogs. I know how awful it is to walk into a room and see someone else wearing the exact same outfit. Her couturier should be fired.