04 November 2007

so i googled "maison21"...

just to see what came up. other than a thousand french websites about god knows what (2 years of french in college means i'm illiterate in french as well as english), everything was pretty much stuff i've generated myself: my website, ebay store, and dozens of ebay listings and a craigslist post or two. the lone exception was the design*sponge blog where they had an entry from this february about the hollywood regency style, and how to get it on ebay. they were nice enough to note:
"If you’re a fan of this style, add mad4milo, realfineone, and maison21 to your list of favorite sellers."
i'm flattered, not only because mad4milo and realfineone sell such great stuff, but also because i've visited the design*sponge site many times and have always enjoyed it's content. so thanks, design*sponge! (ps: what's up apartmenttherapy? am i not cool enough for you? :)

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