11 November 2007

trying to think about art

i often visit the art, craft and design blog, dear ada, because the dear ada blog always has some beautiful and inspiring images on the site. what i like almost as much as the art are the interesting comments and interpretations dear ada makes with every entry,:
"Vibrant, odd, emotionally conveyed. Color as feeling."
"The crafting, the mastery of the medium, the subject matter, the underlying story and mystery of each painting. Perfection, pure and simple."
"...the banality of the subject matter, made active and alive because of it's dimensionality."
whew- dear ada must be very, very smart. maison21 tends to look at art and think either "pretty!" or "not pretty!" so he greatly appreciates others who can articulate their reactions a little- or in this case a lot- better.

here are two images from the dear ada site that maison21 thought were especially "pretty!", one a paper cut work by emma van leest and a mixed media map inspired sculpture by matthew picton. maison21 tried to think a little more deeply about these works, but the only thing he think of besides the fact that are both gorgeous and he would be happy to have either one hang in his home, was that both artists must have incredible powers of concentration and patience to finish these incredibly intricate works, because maison21 would given up on them after about 20 minutes and have gone out for cocktails instead.

visit the sites of the artists for more examples of their amazing work: emma van leest & matthew picton, and visit the dear ada blog for more great art and great insights.


anthony said...

love the blog...really like the helpful hints on buying vintage chrome pieces.

you are a girl on the go with an eye for fashion!

East Coast Resident said...

Love the maison21 blog - not only is it useful, but it is entertaining and witty. Keep it coming.