12 November 2007

learning new things on the internets (about willy rizzo)

just read an informative post about the fab 1970's designer willy rizzo on the habitually chic blog. i knew about his designs, having had the pleasure of having had a few of his pieces over the years, but i had no idea that he was just as well known for his portrait photography. thanks habitually chic! go read the post here!

a willy rizzo interior. maison21 thinks it is sheer perfection.


Neilkriss said...

Nice blog! I want to date you not hate you hehehehe I am aguy though

maison21 said...

thanks neilkriss- we prefer the daters to the haters!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...we sure do...but seriously, nice blog, I started making my own blog too, still trying to get nice material for my entries. Cheers!