07 November 2007

squeaky clean

maison21 is just crazy about mrs. myer's lavender scented cleaning products. my favorite time of the week is wednesday after the cleaning lady leaves and my house no longer has the heady aroma of dog, cat and brass polish, but has the bright, nearly medicinal smell of mrs. meyer's. yeah, the products are a little more expensive than standard cleaners you can get at any grocery store, but it's an affordable luxury that makes me feel good, and you can't put a price tag on that! it's pet and kid safe (my dog seems to spend half her life licking the kitchen floor, so i really like that), plus the crisp graphics and clean packaging don't offend maison21's delicate aesthetic sensibilities. i get my mrs. meyer's here in l.a. at cost plus, whole foods or the FABULOUS kootnz hardware in west hollywood, but they are available online as well. i just ordered a lavender scented candle off their website, and if it smells anything like their cleaning products, i'll be a happy camper to have the scent all through the week instead of just wednesdays! i'll also be a little richer (financially, not just spiritually), as at $9.99, it's a fraction of the price of my favorite mariage fréres "thé des mandarins" candles. another great thing about mrs. myer's online is that they'll do a cute little gift wrap for $4.99, and yes, m21 thinks fabulous cleaning products make a fabulous gift- especially with pretty wrapping!

11/14/07 update: we received our mrs. meyers candle today, and while the scent is fine, the packaging belies it's $9.99 price tag (jar with screw top lid). we'll be sticking with our beloved mariage fréres candles. the room spray we ordered on the other hand is fab, and we will be using it often when the maison21 atelier gets a little "doggy."

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Jane George said...

Love Mrs. Meyer's Lavender products. Target carries them.