29 November 2007

chic outdoor chandelier

maison21 has long admired this grand 66" brass chandlier from richard shapiro studiolo- so impossibly chic and over the top.

so m21 was quite amused to find this 35" homage en plasitque ($149) during a recent visit to the ikea christmas store! if maison21 was planning an outdoor fete this summer, or even had anywhere suitable to hang it in his garden, he would snap several of these up right now and store them until summer. maison21 is going back to buy the smaller 19" version for a minuscule patio upstairs at the maison21 atelier, where we've long sought a lightweight, weatherproof, yet chic lantern. we were so taken with the large version, and trying to figure out how the heck we'd ever find a use for it, that it didn't even occur to us to get the smaller version we could actually be using right now! hate when that happens....

ps- somebody needs to speak to ikea about their names for their products- really, "GLÄNSA LYSA", is just retartet.

pps- while you're at richard shapiro studiolo, check out their gilded iron etageres. maison21 desperately covets a pair of them.


Laura said...

Hi Maison-
Great blog! Love your style. Just saw your post on D*S about interning in your 30s. I'm about to embark on a similar path myself and would love to hear about your experience with this. If you have a moment, would you mind telling me how you handled it all? Thanks in advance!

Fairfax said...

so are all of the little spheres on the ikea lamp lights? coooool!

maison21 said...

hey laura-

if you considering a change to pursue something you love, i highly recommend it. it's certainly not easy, especially when you are older and have real responsibilities in life but in a perverse way that fact that it is more of a challenge makes it easier to be focused on it- you are making real sacrifices in your life, so you aren't going to blow off finishing a final project for a class because you want to party!

i don't know if you are considering going back to school, or an unpaid internship, so i don't what specific advice to offer- when i was in school, i went full time some semesters, and worked pat-time, and some semesters did the opposite. when i decided to take an unpaid internship, i took a semester off school to do so, because couldn't do both and still pay the bills.

at the end of the day, i couldn't be happier that i made those changes in my life- i really LOVE what i do now- it's not really a job at all. in fact i don't make a distinction between "work" and "my real life" like i used to because they are one and the same now.

if you'd like to know more, or have any questions AT ALL just hit the "hey maison21" link at the side of my blog and drop me an email. i'm always happy to share my experience, especially if it might help someone else on their path.

thanks for visiting my blog-


Natasha said...

Well...If you speak ANY of the Scandinavian languages you would not find IKEA's names to be "retartet"!!
"Glaensa Lysa" means Glistening Light!
Don't be so quick to judge before you research or ask around!

maison21 said...

hi natasha-

you are right- i am ignorant in scandinavian, in addition to my native english.

but in my defense, sometimes you need to adapt international products to local markets. an example- sav-on drugstores briefly changed their name here in southern california to "osco", and saw their sales drop significantly. why? because we have a huge latino population, and osco sounds like "asco" which is slang for vomit in spanish. not a good connotation for a drugstore! some ikea names are similar...

outdoor chandelier said...

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