06 November 2007

decorative, but not serious...

so after almost an hour's worth of agonizing over a clever name for the maison21 design blog, i've decided on:

decorative but not serious- the maison21 blog

because to borrow the title of a book by one of my decorating heroes, dorothy draper: "decorating is fun!". i mean, come on, it's not brain surgery or anything- no one's life is hanging in the balance. as i try to politely convey to my clients when they get frustrated by the inevitable glitches and delays in the process, decorating is a privilege, the icing on the cake of a comfortable life, so to speak. we are fortunate just to be able to have the time to indulge in thinking about how our homes should look, let alone having the money AND an actual home in which to do it! so when you read this blog, let's have fun, ok? it's just decorating...

of course, the blog title is also an homage to my teenage crush, adam ant. check out the wallpaper behind him in the photo! for being 25 years old, it's very contemporary in feeling, no? it would be great in a little boys room (see, there i go with the decorating- i'm obsessed, i tell you!)

if you were too young or too old to have cared in the 80's , here's a link to the video of the maison21blog theme song (warning, it WILL get stuck in your head and drive you crazy): decorative, but not serious...

wherever you are adam, i still love you!

ps- thanks for laughing at the name, rudy- i didn't really know if anyone would get it. and yes, i am totally 80's.

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