21 November 2007

fabulous lighting in met home

i don't know that i ever intended this blog to be about posting pictures from layouts from the latest issues of design magazines- there are other blogs that already do that, and do it better and more consistently than i ever could, but when maison21 sees something that he falls in love with and excites him all over again about the possibilities of interior design, well he simply has to share!

the december issue of metropolitan home featured a spread on a czech villa by british designer kate hume, and while i liked the whole thing basically, a couple of the lighting fixtures made maison21 jump out of his chair:

i love, love, love these "aloe" porcelain petal lighting fixtures by jeremy cole. so sleek and so chic (i really like those bright yellow curtains in the dining room too- happy!):

i also loved these sconces by jaime hayon for artquitect that kate hume used in the master bath. the proportions are perfect. actually, the entire AQ hayon bath line is brilliant- very sculptural and modern, without being hard-edged or minimalist. the line got a lot of press when introduced a few years back, but it's worth checking out again as maison21 thinks it's a modern classic.

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Things That Inspire said...

I am sconce and lighting obsessed right now, so I really enjoyed this post.