05 November 2007

daylight savings and dim bulbs

i hate this freakin daylight savings stuff. not only does it start to get dark as soon as i'm finally getting into the groove of the day, but for the first few days, i wander around feeling dazed, confused and a more than a little retartet. seriously- i can't figure out what time it is- my computer says 8:30 am, but my alarm clock says 9:30 because i forgot to change it and my microwave says 7:30 am because i changed it the wrong way. or vice versa, but whatever i did wrong, it just means i can't figure out wtf time it is! and don't get me started on the dozen lamp timers i changed yesterday- a lamp in my bedroom went on this morning at 5:00am and woke me up, whereas the one in my hall that i need on at night so i don't fall down the stairs, never went on at all. it will take me days to figure it all out. seriously, this time change reduces my i.q. by about a bazillion points.

and why does maison21 have a dozen timers to change in his house, you ask? this is where the decorating comes in: because i find it incredibly depressing to pass by a dark room- i have lots of pretty things, and i want to see them, day and night! also, lamps are made to be lit, and it's a shame to deprive them of their purpose in life, so if it's dark out, they should be on. now, before i get blamed for personally causing global warming and the extinction of the polar bear, let me ease your mind on that count- i probably use less energy lighting every single room in my home, than most people in america use to light just one room in theirs. because the only thing more depressing to maison21 than a dark room, is one that is too damn bright! maison21 is a true believer in using the dimmest lighting possible, whenever possible. i may have 7 light sources in my not-so-large living room, but the brightest bulb in any of them is 7 1/2 watts. do the math, all 7 together is less than one 60 watt bulb (please do the math- i can't, because of the time change). plus dim lighting is super-flattering- my guests look blemish free and ten years younger, and my upholstery looks like it's never been abused by the dog and cat. i'm hoping it might even make me look smart when i'm feeling like a dim bulb because of the retartet daylight saving time change.

now i'm off to fix my timers. again. :(

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