16 July 2008

design blogger's challenge- new entry!

we have yet another participant in the design blogger's challenge, from a new to maison21 blog: charm hill interiors- and this upstart has taken on maison21 at his own game by designing an imaginary entry hall, to compete our own- the nerve! (just kidding, charm hill- there's more than enough room in this world for TWO completely over-the-top and fabulous entry halls, and m21 completely approves of your choice in doors, and that black and gold wallpaper is kinda hot too).

go check it out here.

thanks for playing, charm hill, and welcome to the world of design blogging!


FancyPants-design said...

What a cool challenge!! I just went over to charm hill interiors and I really think she did a great job :)

katiedid said...

Hi Christian!
Great space! This is so much fun. I finally finished my "Dining Room" and just posted it.

I am loving seeing what everyone else is doing.

maison21 said...

katie- what a brillant solution to the too shiny chandelier! love what you did and just posted about it.

thanks for playing- i really think this is the funnest thing going...