15 July 2008

you like me, you really, really, like me!

maison21 received an email from suzy, of studio annetta this last evening, informing him that she had chosen his blog to receive a "brillante weblog premio 2008" award. maison21 was quite excited to receive the award- even though he's not quite sure what it is- because he hasn't won an award since the 8th grade when he was national merit scholar semi-finalist for an essay he wrote on thomas paine. that's a very long time to go between awards, so he's glad suzy has broke his 32 year dry spell!

he was also excited because suzy- a talented designer, whose blog he very much admires- chose m21 for the award, and just like an actor accepting an academy award, while it may be a cliché, it really is an honor to be acknowledged by your peers. especially when maison21 looks at the list of the 7 blogs suzy bestowed the honor on:

1. The Peak of Chic
2. Habitually Chic
3. Maison 21
4. All The Best
5. Mrs Blandings
6. Absolutely Beautiful Things
7. Decorno

maison21 looks at that list and thinks "which one of these things is not like the others?", because when he started his blog just this past november, those established blogs (along with suzy's) were all blogs that he looked to and admired, and hoped to be as good as one day. so really, to be included with them by suzy, truly is an honor...

so now, according to the "brillante weblog award" rules, we now have to pick 7 more blogs to give the award to, link to them, and leave a comment letting them know they are now an award-winning blogger. several of my picks would have been from suzy's list as well as they've become blogging friends over the last nine months, but luckily we've made lots of blogging friend, so we can easily name 7 more without repeating from suzy's list. so from the list of blogs of which we read every single post in our google reader, we choose:

  1. alkemie
  2. all things bright and beautiful
  3. cote de texas
  4. katiedid
  5. material girls
  6. pigtown*design
  7. things that inspire
  8. topsy turvy
yeah, we know- the rules said pick 7, but we all know that rules are made to be broken...

and congrats to the latest crop of "brillante weblog premio 2008" award winners (we still don't know what the heck that means, but who cares? we're now award winnning bloggers!).


Emily said...

You are sooo sweet! We are very flattered that someone whose blog we have always admired and loved, has now given us the web blog we get that diamond trophy in the mail shown at the top :)

Emily @ Material Girls

katiedid said...

Maison 21...I could just kiss you. You have made my day today. You certainly deserve to be in that company of award winners from Studio Annetta (who is certainly no slouch herself!)....So I feel honored, yes, honored to be in your 8 picks. I hope I will do it justice and promise to do my duty to pass it along to 7 more "brillante" bloggers.

(Pssst...Mona may be receiving a li'l something soon herself!)

Topsy Turvy said...

Christian, I am truly honored to be on your list. While I'm not really dressed properly to be accepting awards right now, I humbly accept and will display the award plaque with pride.

It's always such a nice little surprise to see an email in my inbox from maison 21, but this one was extra special!

I think you should have all of us out to L.A. for an awards party - then we could have a walk down the red carpet and share a glass of bubbly. :)


Jessica @ The Love List said...

Congratufreaklinlations! You go! I'm with Lana on the awards party... maybe one day there will be some kind of fabulous awards event for us bloggers. Until then, this little award is well deserved!

Things That Inspire said...

With my new 'bloglist' feature (have you seen this? it is great), I saw that Studio Annetta updated recently, and I read her "brillante weblog award" list. I agreed with each and every one of her choices. I did not even DARE to dream that I too would be awarded the "brillante weblog award" too!

I am honored to be on your list! I love all of the blogs that you named, and am thrilled to be included.

Suzy said...

he he he, I have no idea what the heck that award is either - but it certainly was fun winning it - and more fun passing it on! you deserve every bit as much as the others!

maison21 said...

hey everybody-

you all deserved your special honor, and suzy, thank you for getting the ball rolling- i really WAS absolutely tickled to receive my what the heck? award!

ps- lana, it's the internet- one is alwaysdressed for the red carpet on the internet- even if you are at home in a slip and curlers. all you need do is describe your gown, and voila- you are instantly red carpet ready!

it works like this: "i maison21, am 6 ft 3, with a powerfully muscled build and a face that is a near double of george clooney."

now, can you prove me wrong? nope!

to paraphrase someone, somewhere: "i describe, therefore i am". ;-)

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Maison!! Thank you! I am honored to be on the list and I send you a big hug.

I would just like to mention that for the record, yours is the only blog DY reads and he loves it

He has great taste :-).

maison21 said...

felicity- i big hug back to you. as i said, i don't don't what the heck that award is, exactly, but figured you (and all my other faves) deserved one! winning is always fun...

and tell DY i'm honored- you (and he) made my morning!

Cote de Texas said...

Thank you!!! Sooooo sweeet!! This really makes me feel great this morning! Thanks again - you are the best!!


Alkemie said...

Wow Christian!! What an honor to be selected with great company by Suzy!! You have great great taste in furnishings and decor and you definitely deserved the award.

On the other hand, I feel very very flattered that you chose my blog as one of the blogs to pass the award onto. You're very sweet and you totally made my day!!



maison21 said...

thank YOU joni (and my other award winners) for providing such great blogs- this whole lil blog community we've got going is quite fun!

maison21 said...

karen, you def deserve an award- your blog has a unique viewpoint, and i like that!